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Development in Raa Atoll: More than Just a Mirage


Developing an island nation such as the Maldives is not an easy task. Given the hundreds of islands scattered across the Indian Ocean, the unique archipelago of the Maldives makes it rather challenging for the government to implement their development plans in the remote areas of the country. But whatever the odds, the current administration has made the development of the atolls an utmost priority in their agenda.

As per afore mentioned, several atolls of the country are enjoying large-scale development projects. One fine example would be the ongoing projects in Raa Atoll, located in Eastern Maldives. As of now, there are several multi-million projects ongoing in the atoll, making thousands of dreams a reality.

One of the major projects in the atoll is the establishment of the “Ifuru Airport”; the third regional airport in Eastern Maldives. The airport is not only benefiting the atoll itself, but all of its neighboring atolls with improved transportation facilities and daily flights operating to and from Male’.

Another big investment in the atoll would undoubtedly be the Regional Hospital in the atoll, which attracts patients from the neighboring atolls as well. The hospital offers quality services with 12 super specialists, trained in 12 different aspects of medicine. It recently saw renovations worth 30 million rufiyaa, funded by the state.

Development goes far beyond transportation and medical services, when we take into account the many human lives the development would benefit from. For a healthier lifestyle, the inception of a sewer system is a vital necessity. With that in mind, the government has set out to invest in a 32 million rufiyaa project to ensure Meedhoo has a decent human waste management system by the end of the year. The port being built in neighboring Inguraidhoo would stand to welcome its guests onto a proud host of futsal and ‘bashi’ arenas for those who love to indulge in sports.

Maldives Road Development Corporation is also set to begin their road development project in Ungoofaaru within the year. Under the project, a total of 14 roads would be developed – ridding the island of the sandy roadways. Apart from these, several other development projects are taking place in Raa atoll; inclusive of an improved electricity supply within the atoll. All in all, the future seems bright for the citizens of Raa atoll, with development on its way.


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