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Water is the source of life; there’s no doubting that. But when it comes to natural resources, the Maldives is known for its limitations and struggles to provide sufficient amounts of fresh water to its people. There has been countless reported cases of islands running out of fresh drinking water during the dry season. To tackle this, the authorities have come up with numerous plans; from sending bottled water to the islands to installing RO plants, the efforts are on the rise.

The recent installation of two RO plants in GDh. Gadhdhoo under a free grant project by the government has given new hope to the citizens of the island. While the two RO plants have the capacity to provide water to the entire population of the island and the water storage tanks, the government has also provided a water supply network and meters to 426 households in the island.

Solar panels have also been installed as part of the project in GDh. Gadhdhoo in hopes of lessening the load of electricity usage for the plants. The government hopes to reduce the amount of fees charged from the citizens by cutting down the expenditure on electricity required for the plants. The RO plants have the capacity to produce 70 tons of water at once which can serve the entire island for 14 days straight.

With seasonal rains in the Maldives, people can still collect and store rain water for drinking purposes on their own, lessening the amount of water that needs to be produced by the plants. GDh. Gadhdhoo is the third island where RO plants have been installed. The government’s initiative to provide the islands with water plants could see an end to the struggle of thousands of Maldivians every year.


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