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Kulhudhufushi Beats Male’ at Taxi Services


When we talk about an island nation that is still struggling with development, there are certain things people appreciate if done for them. Leave the basic needs aside, there is still a crippling demand for services that people require on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the northern islands in the Maldives. Kulhudufushi is the “hub” of the north and provides almost all the facilities and services that the capital city provides, some even better. A great example of this is the taxi cab service in Kulhudhufushi, which is said to be better than the services in the capital city Male’.

Consisting of a population nearing 9000, there is an increasing demand for transportation services amongst the people. One might wonder why people would prefer vehicles instead of walking, but the answer is quite simple; when you have chores to do and errands to run on a daily basis, there is only so much you can do on your feet. Luckily for the residents of Kulhudhufushi, there are two Taxi Centre’s in the island that provide services with 49 cabs on duty.

It’s been three years since the Taxi Centre’s started providing services that meet the modernization in other places. The Green Taxi Centre came to existence in 2011, the Centre now has 24 taxis that provide services round the clock. The Centre gets about 80 rides per day, excluding the rides people hitch on the roads. On an average day, a cab driver at the Green Taxi Centre makes roughly around MVR500, making an estimated MVR15,000 per month; an above average income in the Maldives. Ibrahim Hassan, a cab driver, who is also the operator of The Green Taxi Centre stated in an interview that he is very satisfied with the income he makes and pointed out that he is satisfied with the quality of the service that the Centre provides.

Fahi Dhuveli Centre, which came to existence only a few months back, has 27 registered taxis and gets around 100 rides daily. An average driver makes about MVR600-700 per day making an estimate of around MVR20,000 every month. The operator of the Centre, Aboobakuru Adam, stated that he is very satisfied with the quality of service and the income from the Centre. For a population of an estimated 9000, the island is busy and requires services that make everyday life easy; the Taxi Centre’s in this case have proven to be the answer to many a prayers.

“The Centre lines are never busy and there was never a time that I had to wait too long for the taxi to arrive. In my experience on the island, I noticed that the rates and quality of the taxi service in Kulhudufushi is the same as that of the capital city, and in some ways, even better” said a customer.

For a developing nation that is struggling to keep pace with the developed neighbours, Maldives has embraced a lot of changes. While the capital city Male’ remains host to most of the services, things have started to change in the atolls. As more and more people step up to bring about change and development to their islands, businesses and residents are benefitting.


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