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The never-ending tale of the comparison between Male’ City and the atolls has been around for as long as one can remember. It is only natural that the urbanization of the capital city would be very much different from other areas of the country in a place like Maldives. However, the development of atoll islands has been one of the main focuses of every government policy thus far.

Many of the present government policies focus on the urban development of islands. For instance, the link road being built to join L. Gan and Fonadhoo is one of the biggest urban development projects being carried out in Laamu Atoll. This road project will connect Fonadhoo, Kadhdhoo, Maandhoo and Gan as well.

The link road was inaugurated on 14th November 2015 and its construction has been ongoing at a fast pace since. The road was anticipated to be completed by November this year but considering the speed of construction, it seems like the road will be completely done by July this year.

“We believe that we can complete the work way sooner than the 2 year duration given to us. The road will be done by the end of June” – Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu

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It’s been 11 months since the construction began. The present government has been working really hard on completing the road at a fast rate. This $30,000,000 worth project is a Chinese free grant and is the biggest infrastructure project currently ongoing in the Maldives. The road is 15 Kilometers in length while the narrowest area of the road has 10 meters. The broadest area has 1.5 meters while some areas have the width of 13 meters. There is expected to be a tree lane somewhere along the middle area of the road and by the time the construction work is complete, the road is expected to be the best in Maldives.

The urban development and the numerous other advantages that come along with the link road would bring a new look to the atoll. The advantages of such projects include people accepting the population consolidation policy. The transportation and marketing becomes frequent and it would attract investors as well.

Along with the construction of the link road, other roads and the harbor of Fonadhoo are being developed as well. Road Development Corporation is carrying out this Rf. 56,000,000 worth projects. Asian Development Bank has given hopes of helping the development of the inside roads of L. Gan. The design works of this project are ongoing and modern bus transportation is expected to be developed in Laamu Atoll by the help of ADB. When the project comes to a close, thousands of citizens will reap the benefits sowed by the government for the betterment of lifestyle and standards of living.


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