A Glimpse of Recognition

A sense of recognition and appreciation in whatever we do, is something we all yearn for at one point in our life. Whether it is a few kind words from a supervisor in secrecy, or an award at a national platform, we all want to be appreciated and recognized for our work in one way or the other. With the tourism industry being one of the major economical industries of the country, there are different kinds of awards that are given out to recognize various brands – but none for the thriving industry of Guest Houses.

But things are about to change, as MATATO has announced the introduction of Maldives Travel Awards – The Guesthouse Edition.

The announcement came from the President of MATATO Abdulla Ghiyas, as a relief for those who are in the Guest Houses industry – as for the first time, a separate event from rest of the awards is set to be held for them which will be exclusive to the services of their industry.

“Our commitment to guesthouse sector is evident, in all MATATO participated travel trade shows we offer exclusive discounted pricing for Guest Houses and same goes for our trainings and workshops. We want to help promote Guest Houses and even focus on Human Capital Development. And I think in 2017 MATATO will play are huge role in this. Even our present strategic plans and plans for tailor made trainings and workshops just for Guest Houses and local agents” Abdulla Ghiyas said.

Introduced by MATATO, the Maldives Travel Awards have today become a staple when it comes to recognition in the travel industry of the country. The awards show, considered as the top level of recognition in the Maldives registered a whopping 240 nominations in 2016 – a part of which was also directed towards Guest Houses.

The overwhelming support shown by Guest Houses for the awards – receiving more than 19 nominations in the “Leading Guesthouse” category as well as the submission of four islands for “Leading Guesthouse Island” category has today, led the company to create a spin-off the awards show exclusively targeted for the Guest House industry.

While details of the awards are yet to be finalized, it is among the very obvious facts that the Guest Houses industry is thriving in the Maldives – with the industry expected to grow more than ever in the coming few years.


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