A Reason to Go Card-less!


I’ve never liked carrying a bag around everywhere I go. But the need to carry cash or card with me leaves little to no choice; I need a wallet for cash and cards and a bag to put my wallet in to ensure no one snatches it from me on the road. The tale goes so forth and so on. If I may add, this is a tale every woman is painfully familiar with. Every time I see a man taking cash or card directly out of his pockets, I ask the age-old question; why are the pockets in women’s jeans and pants so shallow? Why do women have to carry around bags everywhere they go?

I don’t speak for every woman around, but carrying a bag with me has often proven to be an obstacle. Like, walk into a shop and buy groceries and I have to carry my bag and the grocery bags and fend to them and myself and I wonder when this would come to an end. I would so love to go out with friends and family and not worry about carrying anything but my phone. Luckily for me, time is just about right, thanks to BML’s MobilePay.

Being the skeptic I am, I didn’t believe my friend when he told me that BML has introduced a quick and easy way to spend money without using cash or cards. It was just too good to be true. But here I am, corrected and assured, and loving this new innovation. The BML Mobile App had already made my life easy by folds, but this new app is the cherry on top. For countless women like me who enjoy going bag-free, this app is the light at the end of the tunnel we have been waiting for. I can finally go shopping and hang-out with friends without having to worry about my bag or wallet!

But that’s not the best bit, I hear. BML MobilePay allows its user to pay for their online deliveries while staying at home; I’m sold! No more hassles of asking to bring a certain amount of change or trying to find a certain amount of change. I can simply pay for my order with my phone. This app just made my pizza orders worry-free and easy to handle. Also, let’s not forget shopping. Again, how cool is it to just carry your phone and shop with it?

All in all, I think this is the best app I will download on my phone this year, not to say the most resourceful. I am beyond excited to put this app to test and enjoy the rest of my days as bag and card-free as possible.


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