Balancing It Out

Customized bags used by "Chaalu Boutique" -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed
Customized bags used by "Chaalu Boutique" -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed

Throughout history, the man has always been known to reign over the female. Right or wrong, the female has always been oppressed, their hopes and dreams considered naught. But as the years passed and societies modernized, our thinking evolved as well. Today, in most parts of the world, the female is given an equitable position to men in terms political and economic freedom. Looking into our very own Maldives, we see men and women work together. Husbands and wives supporting each other in life – such are the owners of “Chaalu Boutique”, an online shopping portal run by a working wife, and assisted by her ever so busy husband.

For the owner, starting up “Chaalu Boutique” was just another adventure to be explored. Never having expected the scope of the support she received initially, she was taken aback by it. Today, she has regular customers and is constantly bringing in new stock to meet the customer demand. As she says, “it’s been an exciting journey so far”. Perhaps what makes it even more distinct is her husband’s role in the business – setting an example to many men.

“The business is run by my husband and me. I do the main purchasing and social media activities while he helps me with deliveries and marketing products. I think we make a ‘chaalu’ team!” She said, describing her husband’s role in making the business a success.

With efficient delivery being something Chaalu Boutique takes pride in, their range of products are also another thing they should be proud of. With the target audience being the young fashion forward, working Maldivian women, the trendy and beautiful products they have in store for their customers are absolutely amazing. As such, they sell makeup products, clothing, trendy jewelry, lingerie, swimwear and everything girly.

Indeed, the couples combined efforts to run Chaalu Boutique shows how we are evolving as a society. Our ideologies are changing, and in turn it’s bringing about a good change in our society.


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