Coffee, Anyone?

My love for caffeine has always given me a heightened sense about new coffee shops in town. After trying dozens of tables, with great expectations, the lack of a good taste always left me disappointed; the art was never the right shape or the thickness was never quite right. Perhaps that was because 90% of them served only one specific brand of coffee. So it was simply typical of me to be tempted to try out “The Civil Coffee Society” – the latest coffee shop in town – when I heard about it.

After weeks of trying to catch them before their closing hours, my best friend and I finally managed to get a taste of what everyone was yearning for! The moment I stepped inside, I was greeted with the euphoric smell of coffee – and it felt like I was home once again.

The first sip of their filter “Sumatra Aceh Tengah Organic” beans left me mesmerized. It was as if I was drinking coffee for the first time in my life. Rich in taste like the night sky of darkness, the coffee is indisputably the best one could have in life. It felt like my old wandering soul had been laid to rest, my quest for fine coffee finally complete. And the best of it all? The lingering aftertaste which was beyond my expectations.

DSC_4554 (Custom)

With a seven day fresh roast, The Civil Coffee Society switches up the coffee beans offered to their customers from time to time. As they say, variety is the spice of life. You may not be able to have the Sumatra Aceh Tengah Organic beans now – but I’m sure you will be able to lay your hands on something even better!

The distinct taste of their coffee is – in my opinion – brought up by the attention they pay to the small details. Everything goes in measured to the dot, and temperatures are controlled exact to the degree. And of course, the beans. Different kind of beans have their own levels of sweetness, acidity and flavor which brings out a very unique taste in the end.

Though I initially tried a filter coffee, my trips back there has led me to try a variety of their menu, including the latte. The bittersweet taste of coffee that saturated my taste buds in the form of their latte was yet another indescribable experience. And the latte art was so on point that I had to get the perfect shot for my Instagram – and the end result was truly beautiful! I also enjoyed their croissants and I must add, they happen to be one of the finest croissants I have tasted in Male’. From the looks to the taste, it did not disappoint me at all.

With a variety of tea options, The Civil Coffee Society also targets the tea lovers among us. The tea menu includes numerous flavors, all by the acclaimed Gryphon Tea Company.

Anyhow, if you are one of those caffeine dependent life-forms like me, The Civil Coffee Society is a must try for you! The lovely welcoming staff and the cozy atmosphere will definitely give you a splendid time, and will have you coming in for more.


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