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When it comes to food, we’re all picky; we all have favorites. The food has to be precisely cooked. The sauce has to be perfect; not too light, not too much. The spices must be used to perfect measurements. In other words, when it comes to food, we crave nothing but perfection. Now add innovation and a bit of love to a homey environment where the pungent smell of home-cooked meals greet you the minute you walk in and voila, you have found the ultimate place to go for food. In my case, it’s Zeeba’s Deli and Café.

I’ve always found free time on my schedule to go get a little treat for my taste buds. So when a friend of mine brought me carrot cake unlike any other I had eaten before, how was I to not pursue it? I decided to contact Zeeba and went over to the café with a friend of mine. Though it was well after closing hours, we walked in to find the place just as warm and welcoming as we had hoped it to be. Still a bit new to the situation, I wondered if I had made the right call; that’s when I saw Zeeba come up to me with perhaps the most friendliest smile I have ever seen on a stranger.

My friend and I got to talking to Zeeba and after much compliments about the ambience and the environment, we asked her why she chose to start her own business in the food industry. As it turns out, Zeeba has always loved cooking. “I cook all the time. It’s the best stress reliever. I would cook for my family and friends and I just love serving them. And everyone would always tell me that I should start my own café.” And when she did, it was quite different from the cafés and restaurants one usually finds in the capital.

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So I just had to ask about the minute details that lined the window frames and the interior décor. “I get inspired when I see places. When I travel, the places that attract me are the ones that give me a homey feeling. A place where I feel at home. So that’s what drove me to design this place.” Zeeba definitely delivered the change she wanted to see in the food industry; the café is the homiest place I have visited in a long time. What’s more, Zeeba loves serving her customers herself and is always approachable; a trait that has won her hundreds of regular customers.

For anyone who’s wondering why Zeeba’s Deli & Café stands out, the answer is food. Her own home-made food. “I love experimenting with recipes. I watch a lot of videos and mix and match until I think it’s perfect. I would never serve something to my customers that I don’t like” said Zeeba; and she’s quite right. The food is absolutely amazing. The spinach and chicken wrap had me asking why I waited so long to visit this café! Cooked to perfection, Zeeba’s meals comes with her own home-made githeyo mirus sauce. Made from chilies handpicked by herself, Zeeba’s githeyo mirus sauce is a favorite among all her customers. Whether it’s eaten with pasta, or wraps or short eats, the sauce serves as a perfect blend.

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Zeeba’s is also famous for their coffee and sweets; namely her brownies and cinnamon rolls. Perhaps it’s the fact that the coffee itself is different from what the other eateries serve. In any case, the café is a busy place from morning till closing hours. In fact, sometimes it gets so busy that a lot of customers resort to takeaways or queuing up outside waiting for tables. Having been there a couple of times myself, I must admit that the wait is worth it.

When it comes to food, whether you’re the one preparing it, or the one eating it, expectations are always high. For Zeeba, it is the expectations of all her customers, for the latter, it is the expectations of a home-cooked meal that makes you feel at home even during the busiest hour of the day. Oft time, we find ourselves wanting to take a moment out of our daily work routines to enjoy a good meal; but time seldom grants us leave to indulge ourselves in good food. But that is a worry no more. At Zeeba’s, you are always guaranteed a good hearty meal in a homey environment.

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