Dhirham Takes Energy to an Epic Level!


That craving for caffeine during the wee hours is something almost 90% of the youth experience today. While some quench their thirst with a coffee, there is a great number who resort to energy drinks. But what eludes us is a healthy energy drink that contains more energy compared to the mainstream drinks available in our market today; and that is where Dhirham Traders is making a difference.

Since its establishment in January 2014, Dhirham Traders have become one of the best wholesalers in the country. With the exclusive distribution of baking giant, Betty Crocker products and Dream Girl Napkins as well as “Epic” Energy Drink, Dhirham Traders have come a long way in their short two year history. Riding along the success of the “Epic” Energy Drink, Dhirham Traders is currently working towards becoming the sole distributor of seven different items – including one that would be a first in the Maldivian market.

The “Epic” energy drink is among the most promoted products of Dhirham – and it’s all due to the right reasons. The drink – manufactured in Austria – contains 31.5mg of caffeine in every 100ml of liquid, and is equivalent to 120 calories per 250ml serving. Created as a healthier energy drink that gives the body and mind the nutrients and vitamins it needs to focus, increase concentration and increase the body’s endurance levels, “Epic” has a smooth and clean taste and innovative packaging

The “Epic” Philosophy is to take care of their consumer’s health and to reduce waste in order to conserve the environment.

The sleek black matte finish of the can immediately draws the attention of consumers. The brand claims that the re-sealable packaging technology makes it easier for consumers to enjoy the drink while on the go, and encourages responsible consumption in controlled quantities as “it does not need to be consumed in one go, unlike other competitors’ drinks”.

Dhirham Traders is also planning to hold a very special promotion for the brand which has been receiving a substantial amount of public support, coming December. According to the company, the energy drink is rather popular among the citizens of Raa Atolll and Gaafu Alif Atoll, and is included among the top three energy drinks in the country.

While the “Epic” energy drink contains a higher amount of energy compared to competitors, the price of the drink was also justified as rather reasonable. The price was finalized after conducting a market research and a comparison to the competitors – and the lowest possible price was finalized.

It is indeed true that the “Epic” energy drink is garnering great public demand today – with its high energy content and healthier manufacturing process. Dhirham Traders hope that the drink will become the premier energy drink in the Maldives – a dream which seems very likely to become true.



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