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The desktop version of Foodhub as seen on a MacBook
The desktop version of Foodhub as seen on a MacBook

In a world dominated by smartphones and people with hectic schedules, it has become ever so important to find convenient methods to carry out everyday tasks which otherwise may take hours to days. While technology has made it possible to do literally anything within a matter of few minutes, our society is yet to adapt to these changes. However, the introduction of mobile banking by Bank of Maldives (BML) turned out to be a revolutionary step in introducing such changes in the Maldives. While BML has brought about a revolution to banking in the Maldives, Everything Red is bringing a revolution to the food industry and how food are ordered not just in the Maldives – but in the entire region!

With the introduction of “FoodHub”, Everything Red has delivered food to our fingertips in a way that we had never imagined before. Long gone are the days when we had to call up restaurants and spend hours trying to figure out their menu and the total cost. The responsive design and multi-platform support of FoodHub allows its users to directly look up restaurants, choose a dish from their menu and order up right away!

While FoodHub confirms every new customer’s order immediately, the restaurant from which you are ordering from will call you back to confirm your order as well – further ensuring the validity of the order. Restaurants usually call back within 5 to 10 minutes of placing the order, and FoodHub currently enjoys an average call back time of 3.5 minutes! However, FoodHub is just the technological innovation which directly links the customer to the restaurant. Hence, preparation and delivery is solely dependent on the restaurant.

Having completed over 76,000 orders within the span of just three months, FoodHub has even more ambitious plans for the future. According to the Chief Operating Officer, Mohamed Rifau, the app will see added features in the near future targeted at specific user bases.

“In the future, health conscious patients can enter their height, weight and other details in the application and be given a list of healthy dishes. We are working on to display almost every detail of the dish – correct to each and every ingredient used in the dish”

Being the most innovative mobile commerce platform launched in the Maldives with an investment of MVR 8 million, Everything Red aims to launch FoodHub in several nations apart from the Maldives. As such, FoodHub Lanka is on the verge of being launched – social media promotion has already begun on Facebook. Apart from Lanka, the app is planned to be launched in countries such as India, Pakistan and Tanzania. This also marks the first time where a Maldivian company is reaching out beyond the waters of Maldives – truly reflecting on the fact that technology cannot be contained to one place.

FoodHub, which has already received 15,000 registered users is being operated in partnership with about 70 restaurants in the Maldives including the most prominent names in the industry. The innovative project also aims to create an even more competitive atmosphere among restaurants which will in turn result in better customer services.

No matter what people are going to say, FoodHub is definitely a one of a kind application that the Maldives has seen in recent times. Its contribution towards the society is beyond our imagination and most of all, it’s brought food to our finger tips! It’s convenience at its best.


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