Internet like Never Before

For as long as we can remember, Maldivians have witnessed internet speeds of 10mbps to 500 mbps, and in horrifying cases, even 512kbps. The frustration over reaching the “fair usage policy” that comes with a price tag too high to reason with has been a feeling we have all shared at a time. However, when Ooredoo Maldives revealed in 2015 that they have finally received an ISP (Internet Service Provider) License, we all rejoiced in jubilee as thoughts of superfast internet filled our minds.

Not long after the announcement, Ooredoo Maldives has today launched their “Supernet Fixed Broadband” services, much to the avail of many customers. Their packages consist of speeds that vary from 2mbps to a whopping 1gbps, the latter however being available for business customers only. Ooredoo’s free introductory offers come with a bundle of benefits such as a one year subscription to Office 365 products and an e-gift card from G2A – famed online video game distribution marketplace. In addition to this, customers with an existing Medianet connection will also be able to view Medianet’s Open TV for free while customers will receive the free Fixed Telephony (fixed landline connection), with a 400 number series.

With attractive prices and fair usage limits that will excite the inner gamer or YouTuber in you, Ooredoo Maldives aims to further expand their broadband services to the whole nation in the near future.

“Today, we are very excited to introduce yet another revolutionary product to the people of Maldives, enabling customers to enjoy ground-breaking speeds, up to ten times higher than the currently available speeds in the nation, at affordable prices. As we launch Ooredoo SuperNet, we are proud to have partnered with top brands such as Microsoft, G2A and Medianet, in order to connect customers to even more benefits and exciting new opportunities for development.” – CEO of Ooredoo Maldives, Vikram Sinha

In a move that took customers by surprise, the company also waived off all setup fees, security deposits, advanced monthly rentals and service reconnection fees for fixed broadband. However, customers would need to purchase their NetGear device (modem) for MVR 500 or choose to purchase it through a 12-month contract plan, as low as MVR 50.00 per month. Either way, it is inevitable that Ooredoo is today, reforming the ways we have experienced internet in the country – and as Ooredoo says, these services are yet to get better!

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