Maldive Gas: Your Must-Have Partner in the Kitchen

Gas tanks deposit, Malé.
Gas tanks deposit, Malé.

With the introduction of Maldive Gas in 1999, stone ovens went out of fashion. Households replaced their old-fashioned cooking nightmares and embraced the new gas ovens; marking the beginning of a whole new industry in the Maldives. Bringing in a radical change in the service sector of the country, Maldive Gas has always been committed to bringing quality services to their customers.

Over the 16 year history of the company, a number of their services have been modernized and revamped. Their new call center is one such example, with customer care staff responding to customer calls within nine seconds. The households now operate under a code system which helps the company in delivering their orders without much hassle. The Maldive Gas delivery time in Hulhumale’ and Villimale is at a maximum of just ten minutes. Under their ongoing works of improving the delivery time in the capital city, they have brought in four new vehicles. Customers are also contacted and informed of any delays in the delivery in yet another bold move to please their customers.

Production of gas has also increased over the years; a number which stood at 300 per day has now increased to 600 per day under the management of their current Managing Director Abdulla Maumoon. Under his watchful eyes, a storage expansion project is also being carried out, while a MoU has been signed with state-owned Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) to install oxygen plants in the hospital.

The opening of an outlet in Villimale’ has ensured job opportunities for more youth in the island. Providing all of the services given out by the outlet in Male’, the Villimale’ outlet is just another addition to the success of the company. The Hulhumale’ outlet shouldn’t go without mention either. Maldive Gas has already computerized most of its services, giving orders to dispatch through a software built by the IT department at Maldive Gas. The company hopes to provide a more modern and up-to-date facility to its customers in the future.

Amongst all, their most striking new additionis the “Lui Fulhi” or the light gas cylinders. These cylinders are not only lighter, but safer than the metal ones as these would not explode or burst even during a fire. The cylinders which are manufactured and imported directly from Norway are also cleaner than the old fashioned cylinders commonly used in the country.

Maldive Gas is also the sole supplier of medical oxygen to 90% of the country – adding yet another milestone to their portfolio. In the previous year itself, the company reached record-breaking sales of MVR 17.5 million. Let’s not forget industrial gas in this list. Maldive Gas is in demand for their production of industrial gas and has been providing this service to its customers without room for disappointment.

The company has a lot of scope for future expansion. Although there are other parties that supply gas to households in the Maldives, Maldive Gas is an exception in the majority of houses. The company supplies gas to all islands every day of the week. With a production team dedicated towards excellence, Maldive Gas looks promising in its services.



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