Medical Swiss Maldives: Revolutionary Care in Dermatology


“It would be fun” are not words I would normally associate with getting a treatment done on my face. Having a face that is extremely prone to breakouts, I have never been confident with the way I look or having anyone else touch my skin. And I have heard of plenty hygiene related horrors of many who have visited some local salons.

So, when my best friend suggested that I be a guinea pig for a clinic her sister was managing, I was a bit skeptical at first. How can a simple therapy undo years of skin damage by sunlight and skin care products?

I visited Medical Swiss Maldives stall in Dharubaaruge during the Hotel Asia exhibition held last September. I met Koc, CEO, Michaela, Director Sales, Marketing and Training and Shiuny, Director Operations. Michaela, a reputed name in makeup artistry in the country, took me on a guided tour of the operations and the various treatments used.

Firstly, she did a micro-derma abrasion treatment, by using a small vacuum that sucked up all dirt and impurities embedded in my skin. It lasted for about four minutes, during which I managed to relax a bit. Michaela was extremely professional and talked me through the steps which were being carried out and on the steps that needed to be followed after the treatment.

A non-invasive mesotherapy followed next. Michaela and Shuiny warned me that I will see stars while the treatment was being administered. Yes, I did see stars. No, it was not uncomfortable, though it takes a while for the subject to get used to the treatment. The full therapy lasted for about half an hour; I was given the demo, express treatment of three minutes. This was followed by a skin soothing mask which lasted for 20 minutes.

I was surprised by the minute changes I observed on my skin, in spite of the limited time of the treatment given. I was more impressed at how relaxed and reassured I was, given the nature of the treatment. Koc gave me an assessment of my skin, saying that it will take around 10 treatments for my skin to fully clear up.

“We will open our salon soon. We had a demonstration before for invited resort clients, we went to the resorts, met with the resort spa managers. Our products were well received. The support is more surprising given that we have a huge demand from Male’. Many people have inquired about our services and ask when the salon will be opened. Our products are organic, free from irritating chemicals and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin,” Shiuny said.

Many customers who tried out the treatment say that the treatment was soothing and non-irritating and majority of them attested to the rapid changes seen on their skin.

It has been roughly two weeks since my first treatment and I can vouch for the improvement on my skin. Breakouts have reduced and overall I am satisfied with the quality of the service I had received.

Medical Swiss Maldives offers professional medical skin care, professional body treatments, professional slimming and shaping body treatments, permanent hair removal, professional make-up and hairstyling, bio, natural, vegan, holistic cosmetic products by using Swiss patented equipment and products.


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