Stepping Up the Game


As they say, change is inevitable. From time to time, we have to adapt to the ever changing world; you can’t hold onto one thing for too long, and if you do you risk the fear of being frozen in time. The emergence of social media networks has proved to be a step taken towards an even more globalized world, where distance is just a word. What came into existence as a mean to connect friends and family has now evolved into something bigger; it’s become a hub for businesses to engage with their customers and vice versa, and is the most effective method to do so.

From advertisers to realtors to local shops, pretty much everyone seems to be milking the cow – as it gives them a more precise breakdown of their numbers. From their audience demographics to geography to their retention rate, social media advertising has become the ultimate go-to for businesses, eventually leading them to stray from more traditional methods such as print and broadcast advertisements.

Even when we take Maldives for an example, we see a similar pattern. Businesses have become increasingly aware of the power that the social media holds – and are using it for their benefit.

Going into case specific examples, wholesalers like State Trading Organization (STO) and Lotus Fihaara lead the scene as they keep their audience engaged, run constant promotions and giveaways as well as interacting with their audience at a personal level. This has played a vital role in establishing their presence among the younger crowd – who are also among the larger audience demographics for such businesses. Real time advertising has now become the norm for such companies, trying to make a mark in the industry.

Moving on from advertisers and engagements, even customer care is moving into the fast moving world of social media. A majority of the customers of industry staples such as Bank of Maldives, Dhiraagu & Ooredoo find it way easier to have their enquiries addressed through social media – whether it’s a tweet about a lost connection or renewing a service, their questions are almost instantly answered through these powerful tools.

“I often encounter issues with different services that require me to call up the customer service of a specific company. And sometimes this could be a little painful. I might have to wait for a long time before my call is forwarded to a representative – and as someone who is always in a hurry, putting everything on halt till that call is rather difficult for me. But lately, I’ve found it way easier to communicate with them and to solve these issues through social media. I mean, I just have to send them a tweet or leave a comment on their Facebook, and a representative reaches out almost immediately. For me, it is way more effective than the traditional call centers! And I for one, am really glad the Maldives is picking up on such.”

All in all, we are experiencing a new age where businesses are approaching modern day technology with an open mind – as they try to make a difference for you and for me. With benefits to their businesses as an added advantage, such efforts in creating something different has led to a more connected audience, some of whom have now developed a trusted relationship with certain brands.

While a majority of Maldivian businesses are effectively using Twitter and Facebook, we at Maldeeb hope that they will expand their social media domination into other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube to come up with even more creative and interactive campaigns. Change is inevitable, and yes change is indeed good.


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