A New Era for IGMH


Proper healthcare facilities have been elusive in the lives of the Maldivian people, for ages. While the government has been taking drastic measures to improvise a failing sector, we have seen amazing results within the span of about two years. Taking the sector from the bottom, to the top would not be an easy task but the government continuously makes it seem like an easy challenge. The most recent of these works would be the conference center and the national cardiac center, established at state-run Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

National Cardiac Center


Equipped with a catheterization laboratory for heart surgeries, and various equipment for analysis and running tests, the national cardiac center established in IGMH is living up to its name. Various cardiac diseases can now be analyzed and treated in the catheterization laboratory while the treatment will see the use of catheter instead of surgeries, according to IGM Hospital. This in turn introduces angiography and angioplasty services at the hospital.

According to the state giant, the laboratory is also well equipped to treat blood clots in the brain as well as giving immediate treatment to patients suffering from strokes. Other specialties of this lab include; echo cardio room, treadmill room, and cardiac catheterization room in addition to a nine bed cardiovascular intensive care unit.

Conference Center


As the hospital revealed, the conference center which can house 120 people simultaneously was developed in an effort to provide training and various educational programs on the long haul. The hospital revealed that the multi-purpose conference center – in where lectures, workshops as well as exhibitions could be held – could be connected to about 250 centers through video calls, across the nation.

However, one of the most striking features of the center is unmistakably the design of the lighting of the center, which is suitable for different weather conditions. In addition to this, careful attention has been given to the structural design of the center, where echo sounds will not be heard even during pandemonium.

The center has been equipped with eco-friendly machinery and low maintenance equipment. In addition to this, several arrangements have been made to ensure that, in case of a fire in the multi-purpose hall, that the fire does not spread to the other areas of the center.

Surely the various works of the government in strengthening the health sector of the country seems to be taking shape, as the state-run IGMH and various other hospitals are prospering under the watchful eyes of the current administration. Here’s to hoping for even better days for our health sector to come.


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