Breathing Space

Children enjoying the beauty of the park -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed
Children enjoying the beauty of the park -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed

A dry cough and a teary eye, or hitches in breathing. That migraine attack, or the sinus explosion you experience from the never ending noise of the horns and the threatening smoke – these are just some of the problems we face on an average day out in the concrete jungle of a city, Male’. In the face of modern development and tall buildings, the capital has become less and less green – zoning out any leisure spaces that existed for its’ residents. Family outings have been limited to beaches erected by man-made machinery, where the feeling of au naturel is nowhere to be found. However, the scene is slowly changing with the development of several parks in the capital province – which tend to solve such issues and provide a space for your leisure activities, and family outings.

One of the most remarkable examples of this is the opening of the first segment of ‘Hulhumale Central Park’ – the “Leizure Zone”. With an estimate of MVR 15 million being spent on the completed park, the first segment was launched recently during a colorful event which had drawn the masses to revel in joy, as they were given something to look forward to at the end of a long workday or a tiring week.

In the leisure zone, beautiful greenery caresses the tiny little feet of your children as they run about breathing in the fresh and clean air hemmed in by trees which provide shade for you and your children, protecting all from the harsh rays of the ever radiant sun. Over to the side, a small hill stands tall and proud – offering a view unlike any other in the capital region. The hill which overlooks the entirety of the park adds to the stunning landscape of the leisure zone, which also embraces a fountain area that looks like something straight out of a story book, with its wooden sidewalk and small crossway. You could choose to either rest on the park benches scattered across the place or to simply sit down on the grass and enjoy the natural beauty of the area while your little ones play around the exceptionally spacious park.

A child cycles through the park -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed
A child cycles through the park — Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed

The road area – closed off for vehicles – also serve as the ultimate place for your children to experience their first bicycle ride without the trainer wheels or it could also be turned into a skating ground where your children could learn to roller skate with their friends – all the while being entirely safe from the roaring traffic, which travels far from the area, blocking any kind of direct and harsh pollution in the area.

Either way, the good vibes that are given off by the park is something you certainly ought to enjoy, and being developed in one of the wards of the capital city itself adds to the rewards of those who have been desperate for such open space for themselves and their children to breathe. The completion of the four phases of the park will also see a park like no other, existing amongst a city being taken over urban development.

This park truly quenches our desires for such leisure areas in the capital region. I am elated that we now have such an area, and I most definitely will visit the park with my two children every week. They are really excited to be able to run around and do what their heart desires in the area and I for one am relieved because it’s completely safe for children as the traffic is completely blocked off to the area. So yes, all in all this is a really great development that we are witnessing today” – A father of two.



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