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A city that lacks the color green is a city that certainly lacks life. And what is a city to do, without the core elements of it? To bring that life back to the city of Male’, the current government has taken various steps; from making it greener, to the more noticeable development of leisure zones and parks, they have left nothing for longing. And the recent opening of three new parks in three areas of the city only adds to their continuous efforts.

In their bid to create spacious recreational areas for the citizens of Male’ which has been plagued with congestion since urban development, the government has developed various parks to date including the mega project of creating an artificial beach in the western side of the city – Rasfannu, which was critically acclaimed by many. The multi-purpose beach today sees people of all ages spending their free time; from taking a swim to building sandcastles or a stroll, it’s just the perfect place for everybody!

And now, residents of the city have been blessed with three new parks to spend their time at; the “Hihthan Maizaan”, “Rehendhi Maizaan” and “Iskandhar Maizaan”. The first of these being located near the junction of Chaandhanee Magu and Lilly Magu and the second in Sosun Magu with the third in the Carnival area.

The location of “Hihthan Maizaan” will prove to be rather convenient for a number of parents and students, as the area sees a lot of passersby every day. The design of the park allows visitors to rest and sit, something a lot of students and parents will find happiness in.

The “Rehendhi Maizaan” located in one of the busiest roads of Male’ – Sosun Magu – has been developed in a space which was previously kept as an empty plot. The design which reflects the Maldivian heritage and tradition is bound to make every Maldivian proud and relaxed – even in the midst of the business as it would bring back a thousand memories related to the culture of our forefathers.

“Iskandhar Maizaan” developed in the Carnival area under the CSR program of Island Aviation echoes invitations to all age groups of children – from the colorfulness to the cheeriness, no child is bound to be left sad in this park. The park comes with various activities for children – adding up yet another playground for those children who loves the outdoors!

The three new parks in the city are definitely bound to make it livelier with the laughter of children and presence of the elderly – after all, life is what gives true meaning to a city. And we can only hope for more – for the city known as the ‘Concrete Jungle’ has donned that name for far too long.

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