Redefining “Development”

The "Izzuddin Faalan" constructed by MTCC in time for the "Minivan 50' celebrations -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed
The "Izzuddin Faalan" constructed by MTCC in time for the "Minivan 50' celebrations -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed

Over the years, the most constant adjective in terms of the Maldives has been “development”. From technology to lifestyle, every aspect has been subject to much needed change. Age old issues such as the erosion of our islands and the difficulties faced in traveling back and forth has been a nightmare until now. The atolls are developing at the same speed as the capital Male’, and we have only one company to thank for – Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC).

Incorporated in 1980 with the aim of contributing towards the development of infrastructure and transport services in the country, MTCC has today brought along revolutionary changes to various sectors of the Maldives; one of the most praiseworthy being the sea transport services. From the daily ferries operated in the greater Male’ region to the atoll ferries, bus services and more, MTCC has truly become the pioneers when it comes to the word “development”.

Revolutionizing Sea Transport

The double decked ferry being operated between Male' and Hulhumale'
The double decked ferry being operated between Male’ and Hulhumale’

A few months ago, mentioning a “ferry ride” was just about the worst thing you could do to anyone. Hot as a microwave, the ferries being operated between Male’- Hulhumale’ and Male’- Villimale’ were far from perfect. But in their bid to improvise the service which had caused a hassle to their customers, MTCC had introduced Double Decked Ferries in the previous year. The introduction has led to reduced traffic during peak times and received massive public support. Following the heels of the double decked ferry, the company has today introduced two air conditioned ferries under the “Premium Link” – greatly acclaimed by the public. MTCC says that there are more to be introduced in the near future, and that the Villimale’ ferry services are to receive an upgrade in the near future as well.

Apart from the ferry services, MTCC had been the premier company when it comes to marine provisions such as; Yanmar and Suzuki marine engines, Hamilton propulsion systems, Castrol lubricants and Sigma protective coatings. Over their 35 year history, MTCC had indeed contributed to revolutionize sea transport in the island nation, surrounded by nothing but the water.

Solving Age Old Problems

The coral islands of the Maldives had, since the very beginning, have faced erosion as one of the major challenges in survival. While erosion had been a big problem, docking at different islands has proven difficult due to the lack of ports and harbors. To tackle this, MTCC began the construction and development of ports in the islands in 1995 – though the works had been slowed down over the years, there have been an overturn during the administration of President Abdulla Yameen. Development of the islands is progressing at the same rate as the capital, and once again we have MTCC to thank for.

From North to South, over 90% of MTCC’s projects are currently being carried out in the atolls which include; harbor development, coastal protection, road development, sewerage system works along with land reclamation.

Dredging To a Regional Level

Dredging work ongoing
Dredging work ongoing

With the Maldives’ largest dredging fleet behind MTCC, they began their services with a few excavators in 1995. With the aim of becoming the best, MTCC has today acquired the latest means of dredging and have found solutions to major hurdles. This also includes the dredger which is slated to be brought to the Maldives late 2016 – which will enable the company to dredge 1 hectare of land in just 2 days.

The company which is already playing a major role in land reclamation projects in the Maldives also plans to possibly extend their services to a regional level in the near future – either way the future seems to look rather bright for the company that seems to grow day by day.

With 75 projects ongoing, and field work of projects being conducted in 56 different islands, MTCC today has a total cost of MVR 2.6 billion for their ongoing projects. It would not be wrong to say that MTCC is indeed redefining the word “development” today, bringing smiles to the faces of many.

Key projects to be finished by MTCC in 2016:

  • Male’ Industrial Village land reclamation
  • Thinadhoo Museum Park
  • Sultan Park “Edutainment Park”
  • Villingilli terminal extension
  • Rasfannu Beach

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