Revamping the Ferry System


I muttered curses up in my mind, as sweat beads ran down my forehead as I awaited my transport. I had showered just an hour ago – dressed to the nines for a normal day at work. But, oh how the ferry had ruined it all. If I could imagine being in a microwave, that’s what I would have compared it to and the dust on the seats was certainly unexpected. It was so unhygienic, I would never want to get back into it, I thought to myself as I climbed out of it.

That was what my opinion about the ferries between Male’ and Hulhumale’ was a year back. Unhygienic, hot, dusty and what not. In fact, it was not just me who was bursting with complaints regarding the ferry services. Almost 80% of passengers who used this method of commute had voiced their complaints regarding the ferry services – and their voices were certainly heard. Within the span of a year, MTCC had completely revamped their ferry services; attending to almost every complaint of their customers.

The old and dusty ferries have been cast away after introducing six new ferries each furnished with comfortable chairs and a spacious interior. Some of the old ferries had been renovated and put back in service, getting rid of the old dustiness of the ferries. One of the striking features of the new set of ferries was that, they seemed more modern than the old ferries: MTCC had paid close attention to the design aspects of the ferries, getting rid of old fashion architectural marvels.

But a growing population demands more than just an increase in the number of ferries; and to solve those issues MTCC introduced a double decked ferry in 2015. The ferry is not only able to carry over 200 passengers a time, but is equipped with wall fans – bringing an end to the sweaty faces during morning commute. It also is furnished and designed in a way, which provides utmost satisfaction to its passengers.

After the double decked ferry began its operations between Male’ and Hulhumale’, it received immense support from the general public. After a few months of testing, MTCC decided to place wall fans in almost all of their ferries – and hence has gone forward to do so in three more ferries.

On top of all this, some of the newly introduced ferries also have the capability to travel faster than other ferries – meaning that the commute time had been cut down to 15 minutes for some ferries. This was perhaps one of MTCC’s biggest and the boldest decisions, ending the woes of many workers who often run late to office.

Either way, today we have to believe that the ferry services have come a long way from where it stood a year ago. MTCC may not be able to fulfill all of our demands, but they certainly have done their best to revamp and increase the productivity of the ferry services. And hope lies for the future, as MTCC unveils their plans of introducing more double decked ferries and faster ferries for their patient customers.

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