Revolutionizing Healthcare Services


For the thousands of Maldivians traveling to India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other regional countries during the annual holidays for medical screenings, vacation is not an option. While businesses in hotels and restaurants in those countries flourish, thanks to Maldivians, the bigger concern is the lack of proper healthcare facilities within the nation at affordable prices. For a developing country, Maldives is relentlessly trying to combat these issues.

This, is the main reason Tree Top Hospital is coming into existence at this very moment; to tack the issues faced by the healthcare sector in the Maldives. The hospital, developed as the first tertiary hospital and the first multi-specialty hospital in the country, will seek to provide health care to the public, without the added expenditure of having to go abroad for treatment.

The Hospital is one of the biggest private sector investments, with over US$ 80 million invested into the sector. Constructed on two compounds, the first building is a six storey building dedicated to consultations and treatment. The second building is an eight storey building designed to house standby generators, restaurants and accommodation services. It can comfortably house 170 patients at a time once complete.

The Hospital is truly an international endeavor; Turkey’s Tarmex is building the hospital while Ramsay Sime Darby, a Malaysian-Australian company, will be managing the hospital. All equipment, machinery, doctors, specialists and nurses will be recruited by Ramsay Sime Darby. Philips has been tasked with the installation and maintenance of the machinery and equipment for the hospital under a nine year contract.

Accident and emergency services will be run around clock, according to the Director of Tree Top Health Private Limited’s Managing Director, Ahmed Saleem. He added that the main focus of operations will be on reducing the amount of time patients have to spend seeking treatment in the Hospital. Once in operation, the Hospital will be the first paper-less hospital, a first in the country. The hospital will have the services of specialists, super specialists, imaging center, dialysis center, laboratory services, surgical services and a chemotherapy wing.

Tarmex Project Manager Musthafa Hassan said that based on the current projections made by the company, the construction of Tree Top Hospital will be complete by the end of March. The Hospital is expected to be fully finished in November this year after interior designing and building finalization.

Even though the official opening is over one year away, the opening is greatly anticipated by the general public. For one, it represents assured quality health care without any additional travelling expenses. For another, it represents it a significant game changer in the local health sector, more remarkable given that it is one of the biggest expenditures by a private party into the national health care sector.

To speak of change, it goes without saying that with the construction and operation of Tree Top Hospital, the Maldivians will no longer have to travel abroad for medical purposes. For once, the annual holidays could mean a much deserved vacation for the thousands of Maldivians who have been anticipating relaxation. The Tree Top Hospital will not only revolutionize the healthcare sector by providing medical services to the Maldivians, but by catering to the needs of the neighboring countries; not to say the millions of tourists who visit Maldives.

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