The City of Dreams

Photo/ Zakwan Ismail (Zisse)
Photo/ Zakwan Ismail (Zisse)

A little over ten years ago, it was nothing but a stretch of dusty sand. Heavy load machinery and vehicles buzzing all around, workers sweating in the blazing sun – not a hint of green anywhere to be found. This was what the city, today known as Hulhumale’, was like when it was first being developed; several hectares of land reclaimed from the nothingness of a reef. Today, the dream of Hulhumale’ has become a reality, as the city that we once saw in cardboard has finally taken shape in concrete.

Like Lego blocks carefully put in place, the sky view of Hulhumale is something straight out of a designers masterpiece. Roads carefully constructed, parks strategically placed – the city is already alive with a population that surpasses over 50,000 people. In the time span of just 10 years, it has established itself as the ‘future’ of Maldives as we know it – and the day it becomes the epicenter of the capital region is not far away.

The reclamation of 240 hectares of land in the second phase of Hulhumale’ was a reiteration of this fact by the government – in one way or the other. A targeted population of 100,000 is to be housed in Hulhumale’, adding to the grandeur of the island.

The construction of the country’s biggest private hospital – Tree Top Hospital – in Hulhumale’ has been marked as the beginning of mega-projects in the island, as it is to witness the development of amusement parks to water parks as well as a special tourism and economic zone – mainly aimed at the Youth.

With residential condominiums to tourist hotels already developed in the first phase of the ambitious project, Hulhumale’ has already become a benchmark when it comes to Urban Tourism and High End Living. Several thousands of housing units developed under the social housing schemes have also seen a vast majority of the Maldivian population move to the center of the capital province – allowing them better access to healthcare and education as well as providing them with decent living conditions in the heart of the city.

There is no room for doubt when someone says that the island city is on its way to become the greatest city in the Maldives – projects that are currently planned for the island are among a strong indication of this. It has become the city of dreams for many, as they aspire to move to the urban areas of the country to pursue their careers and education – and in time, it shall full fill the dreams and hopes of many.


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