The Long Awaited Solution

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For years, one of the biggest burdens for all Maldivians has been the scarcity of good medical services in our homeland. Whether it was for the treatment of an accident wound or a terminal illness, we always have to seek quality medical attention away from our home. While not everyone could afford it, those who can go through has often had to go through a hard time.

But the sun seems to rise from the horizon as the pieces of the long awaited solution “Tree Top Hospital” is being assembled together. A solution, but how? An all in one, would not be a wrong answer.

Influx of Employment Opportunities

With Tree Top Hospital being the biggest private hospital being developed in the Maldives, the Hospital has already opened up 600 employment opportunities – ahead of their scheduled opening in the fourth quarter of 2017. Tree Top Hospital Head of Human Resources, Rupa Rekhraj previously revealed to a Maldivian media outlet that the hospital wishes to employee young Maldivians as much as possible.

This would definitely come to as a happy news to the majority of Maldivians out there wishing to pursue a career in Medicine and are currently seeking for more opportunities, as such details of these vacancies can already be found on their website.

Introduction of Medical Tourism

Even though the biggest source of income for the Maldivian economy is tourism, variety is something which eludes it. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit the beautiful island nation for honeymoons and relaxing getaways – but there really aren’t any more reasons through which we could lure them to travel all the way here; and this is predicted to change as the development of Tree Top Hospital is expected to introduce ‘Medical Tourism’ to the Maldives.

The quality services being provided by the hospital forecasts medical tourism on the books for the country in the near future – a completely unexplored area for the Maldives, though our neighbors have become strong footholds in the market, with Maldives being a major contributor as well.

Quality Services Made Affordable

The hospital being a multi-specialty international level hospital would obviously come with a hefty price tag. With about $90 million being spend on the development of it, it is no doubt that this hospital would be a world class medical facility – and to make it affordable to all Maldivians, discussions are currently being held with “Aashandha” to provide the national health scheme from the hospital.

The Tree Top Hospital is set to open in 2017 with 200 beds, making it the largest private hospital in the Maldives to date.


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