Eyes on Diabetes

Maldeeb Photo | Hussain Saeed

We as humans are often subject to various risks and diseases; whether we want them or not. Risk factors could range from genetics to ones brought upon us, ourselves. But it is up to us to seek treatment and get better – and in most of the cases to prevent what could be, after all prevention is better than cure.

The Diabetes Society of Maldives tirelessly continues their efforts in prevention of diabetes among Maldivians through raised awareness and several programs. As such, DSM often holds diabetes screening for locals – free of charge. Their works have so far been successful in determining a set group of people and the risk level of diabetes they hold – with screenings being held in almost all of the inhabited islands of the Maldives.

With the World Diabetes Day for 2016 arriving, DSM is attempting to hold yet another mass screening – ambitious as they are, they intend to hold screenings in all of the inhabited islands on the day, for eight hours non-stop. As DSM revealed, their main aim is to screen as many individuals as possible for Diabetes.

While the mass screening is currently under preparations, DSM is also trying to break the world record for most blood sugar tests in eight hours. With an expected turn-out of 30,000 tests within the eight hours, DSM is aiming high with a clean intention: screening as many as possible. In their words, their first priority is not breaking the record but getting people screened, and if they are able to break the record, that’s just a cherry on top.


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