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We all aspire to lead a healthy and peaceful life – but often we fall short somewhere. Whether it’s keeping up with a healthy lifestyle or getting proper and regular checkups, somehow we miss something. And to all those out there, who wish for such a life, good news comes your way. As the Ministry of Health strives to revolutionize the health sector of Maldives, everyone will be able to get their medical checkups done under the national health scheme, “Aasandha”.

The service – which has now been officially inaugurated – will start rolling out to the citizens in the near future. Under ‘Aasandha’, different age groups would receive various types of packages for their medical checkups, all tailored to the needs of certain demographics. At last, we all could sigh in relief and go to sleep satisfied, knowing that the expenses would be covered.

As the Minister of Health Abdulla Nazim noted, the number of non-communicable diseases has been on the rise in the Maldives. Such diseases are often cured, if the required action is taken during the initial stages of these diseases. He added that such diseases often go unnoticed, since many are unable to afford consistent medical examinations – subject to varying lifestyles.

During the inauguration of the scheme, the Minister revealed that he aims for a healthier society where everyone can afford the satisfaction of medical examinations. As such, everyone would be able to get examined and treated under the national health scheme, under the special scheme that the Ministry has now inaugurated.

In addition the inauguration of the scheme, the linking of all Aasandha service centers through an e-portal has also begun. Through this portal, the main office of Aasandha would be able to keep better track of the day to day interactions of Aasandha being carried out around the country; including the knowledge of individual diseases being treated and easier maintenance of archive records from the Atolls.

Ministry of Health reveals that the launch of the portal will cut down costs that were previously being put into a lot of simple tasks such as recording the data from the Atolls. They adds that the money which will be saved would be invested in future projects, to make the services of Aasandha even better than it is today.

Clearly these new services being rolled out are a sign that the health sector of our country is changing rapidly. As such, the proposed 25 storey building of IGMH is also under works while the Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale’ is slated to open early next year.


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