The Secret We Share

Depression, is oft portrayed through metaphors, seldom in art and scarcely in person. It is something which claws onto the one who suffers and whether the person is willing or not, they would have to carry the weight of it wherever they go. The voices in their head drown out their own, whatever they do. And for some, the darkness tends to be more inviting than the light. What’s sad is that, mental illnesses such as depression have such a high stigma surrounding it in our society. Depression like any other disease, needs attention and medication. It takes bravery to overcome.

People often misunderstand the opposite of depression to be happiness, but in truth the opposite of depression is vitality. And if one feels like it’s seeping away from them, then they need help. But anyone who has been under its forceful grip knows that it’s not that easy. They can’t just think of happier thoughts and make it all go away; it’s not a state of mind, but a living reality.

Depression is more than just being sad, when your life is on a downwards trajectory. It’s being sad, when everything in your life is going right. There are three things people tend to confuse; grief, sadness and depression. While grief tends to resolve itself to some measure ultimately, depression does not. You get so used to dealing with it on a daily basis, that it becomes the new norm.

“As a person suffering through depression, I can tell you that it’s not nice. It’s not butterflies and flowers, its darkness and taunting thoughts all of the time. And no matter what people say, you can’t just smoke a cigarette and get over it. I think that we, as a community should discuss about the topic more to create awareness about the topic and to kill that stigma which surrounds it so badly” – A 20 year old lad suffering through depression

The stigma surrounding depression and mental health in our society is so real that it’s what keeps those who suffer from seeking help. It’s the disapproving look their friends give, the whispers across the hallway and the stares they get. The stigma. But no matter what they say, no matter what the voices in one’s head tell them, reaching out for help is the answer. Getting the proper medication and having a person to confide in often helps in feeling better – to a certain extent. Clinically, depression could be cured. But will the trauma associated with it ever stop haunting you? One could only wonder.

“Our parents and family should be more understanding and keep an open mind about what depression is and what it could do to us. Some of us are scared to reach out for help because no one really understands it, instead they jump to weird conclusions about it and it just adds onto our worries. It’s high time that we abolished the stigma surround such cases” – 22 year old male suffering from depression

Depression is such a serious thing, it should never be taken lightly. It will drag you through the darkest of tunnels, but only to remind you that there will be light at the end of it. It will take you to the highest of valleys, but only to show you there are peaks. It’s the secret that we share. So yes, if you are reading this and if you are suffering from any form of depression, reach out for help immediately. We have lost too many too soon, and it should end now. The silence and the stigma surrounding mental health ends here, it’s our time to raise our voice, to raise awareness among our society. It’s time to work in unison to bring an end to this.

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