A Surprise in ‘Paradise’

Abhijeet during his interview with Maldeeb -- Photo/Hussain Saeed
Abhijeet during his interview with Maldeeb -- Photo/Hussain Saeed

Having sung songs in more than 15 languages, and getting the opportunity of a lifetime to sing with his idol Kishor Kumar, Abhijeet Bhattachariya has today become an Indian singing legend – without a doubt. With over 30 years of experience behind him, Abhijeet is among the vocal elites not just in India, but in several other countries – and his songs are ever so celebrated even in our little island nation of Maldives.

His work has always taken him to countries far beyond his home, but the neighboring Maldives was always one which has eluded him for quite some time. And receiving the offer to perform at the Grand Finale of Maldivian Idol took him by surprise, mostly because it was totally unanticipated.

“I was really surprised. Because I think Maldives is a different country, different language and totally different than India. And me being from Indian music, I had no idea I would be so popular in the Maldives. It was a shocking surprise actually, it was such a big pleasure and I was so happy.

Describing his experience in the Maldives, Abhijeet said that the people in Maldives knew his songs, as well as himself so well. As he said, it was full of excitement. “It’s like I have achieved a lot here, I don’t know what I gave to the Maldivians, I don’t know what I did for them but I got many things from them. I got the love, I got the respect, and I got the best hospitality. It’s marvelous, I have really gotten something that I will be taking to India. It’s [going to be] a life-long memory for me”, he said.

“I think I should be involved with the Maldivian music industry and TV. I would love to be here, all the time, any time! Maldives is always going to be my priority, that is for sure. Getting to perform at the finale, that kind of respect, love and honor is definitely very new and surprising”

Now, a stay in the luxurious Maldives would not be complete without trying a little of our distinct local cuisines. As such, Abhijeet revealed that he had tried the “Roshi” – Maldivian equivalent of Indian “Chapathi” – adding that he indeed enjoyed it. Throughout his stay in the Maldives, he had enjoyed many of the local cuisines the island nation had to offer.

However, the most striking of all he said was his future plans and thinking regarding the Maldives. The singing legend says he would love to set up a small workshop for the talent, in the Maldives, noting that he already has a workshop and an academy. “I can start one more here because it’s so close to Bombay I could come anytime. I would love to see the talent prospering here,” he said.

Indeed hosting such a singing sensation in our country was a pleasurable honor for us, and finishing the first ever international reality show with the presence of Abhijeet was an added pleasure. We at Maldeeb hope his plans of setting up a workshop will become a reality in the near future.


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