An Ordinary Man with Extraordinary Innovations


We are all stories waiting to be read and told. Imagine yourself as a book in a shelf, gathering dust over the years. Your pages tell tales of your life, experiences and wishes; hopes and dreams. But until someone comes along and brushes the dust off you and reads you, your story will never be told.

Such is the story of Ibrahim Nasreen (Nattu), a boy born to a middle class family in Laamu atoll Isdhoo, who dreamt of being extraordinary someday. Educated as much as his island allowed him to, Nattu traveled to Maabaidhoo to study at the L. Atoll School when he was merely eight years-old. Having studied there up to grade 7, Nattu was then sent to Male’ by his parents for further studies. He enrolled in Ameer Ahmed at first, but moved to Male’ English School the next year, where he completed his lower secondary education.

His diligence paid off and based on his results, Nattu got a placement in CHSE for his higher secondary education. A science student studying mechanics, Nattu was always interested in animation. Seeking a career in his interest, in 2006, Nasreen departed to Malaysia to complete his degree in Communication and Multimedia at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology. It was no surprise that he graduated as the best student in multimedia, class of 2009. Upon his return to his homeland, he joined the Public Service Broadcaster, Television Maldives and worked there for three years as a creative head.

Nattu who is, without a doubt, a man of many qualities had played an essential role in the re-branding of TVM, MBC along with MNBC. To add to that, while completing his internship at VTV, Nattu also designed the on-air branding and news graphics at the channel. After a brief time back in the Maldives, Nattu once again departed for higher studies – this time he decided to go with Thailand to study Master of Science Service, Innovation.

The Thesis that Nattu wrote as part of his final exam at the College of Innovation, Thammasat University, earned him global recognition. He won the 2015 TTRA Boeing Master Student Research Award, for the thesis where he stressed on the “development of innovative service experiences designed to sustain the luxury characteristics of Maldives as a tourist attraction”. His thesis also shed some light on how to diversify the tourism industry of the country.

Somewhere between struggling to educate himself at a young age to winning an international award for his thesis, Nattu found sanctuary in activities such as painting, photography, teaching and animation. His life reflected through and through.

As Nattu says, his success is not only his to enjoy. His wife and two sons played a great role by being very supportive. Apart from his parents and family, Nasreen thanked those who helped him in the islands as well as those of Nivaidhoshuge, his distant relatives in Male’ and his mentors in Spotlight.

For Nattu, things were not handed over on a silver platter. Education was a battle with himself, but his will to chase his dreams no matter what, got him to the place where he is today. Being a man of his word, he had always proved how humble and down-to-earth he is. Today, he is a true inspiration to his students and many others – and we at Public Service Media (PSM) are proud to have him work with us.


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