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Ce'nie's body care range
Ce'nie's body care range

We are diving deep into a void of self-destruction. With the growth of industrialization, things are changing at a rapid speed. Pollution has increased and lead from one thing to another like a domino effect spiraling out of control; leaving its mark on us. Our skin. Our bodies. The use of chemicals in our skincare products are beyond horrific measures and the number of false advertisements claiming results is just ludicrous. But this Maldivian model turned entrepreneur is aiming to change it. With her 100% organic body care range, Ce’nie is the name that you should note down!

What started out as a rebellious act during her teenage years saw Ce’nie turning into one of the finest models that the country has seen to date. Though she has now retired from modelling, her new found interest in natural body care is bringing a change for good.

During a brief month of working at a spa, a spark of interest ignited inside her about the natural alternative to beauty care products. Working at the spa proved to be rather enlightening to her, as she learnt about the natural remedies for everyday skincare woes! From fresh ingredients to masks and treatments, it is the fundamentals of her own brand.

Branding her products after her stage name “Ce’nie” – inspired by the Turkish word for “You”, the young entrepreneur promotes self-love through her body care range. Explaining the slogan “Be Loved”, she said she wanted to create something for the people, something that they need. She added that “the slogan means being in the state of love and receiving love, and realizing that you are something of value”.

“I want my brand to be all over the place, a really commercially successful one. It has that potential, I firmly believe in my products and ideologies that created these products. I think that we need more awareness on the natural beauty side, and alternative healing – this is something I am working. Alternative healing methods, instead of the commercial medicine – things like Ayurveda, Dhivehi Medicine, Acupuncture and those kind of things. They are good methods, they have been there for thousands of years so I don’t see a point why we should just abandon those practices” – Ce’nie.


While she promotes positivity through work, what’s even more inspiring and truly amazing is that she is a one person brand! From researching to mixing up the recipes and labeling to packaging, it’s all handmade by Ce’nie herself. From finding recipes and adding her own flair to them, Ce’nie creates her products specially tailored for Maldivians and their tough skin.

For Ce’nie, sourcing the ingredients is among the biggest challenges she faces; from finding organic ingredients, to purchasing and importing them. In addition to that, finding the proper packaging materials were also a bit of a challenge, as she has overcome that rather gracefully. Her first spa products range was sold out in just 24 hours – opening to a great commercial success, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Before going on sale, all Ce’nie products are tested on herself first – and that’s why she can guarantee 100% guaranteed results with her products.

“I was tired of products that didn’t give me results. Usually girls spend a lot on beauty products – you spend around MVR 500 on a tube of cream that gives you pimples on the first day, you feel deceived. Like you have been ripped off. So I wanted to avoid that, and whenever I see product labels, there are so many chemicals in it that’s not necessary for the skin – but only for preservation. That’s when I realized somebody should be doing something to change all of this,” – Ce’nie.

With her new product range almost complete, Ce’nie is gearing up to sell them through her Facebook page of the same name. The range which includes a variety of products have been personally handcrafted by Ce’nie herself and are made from purely natural ingredients. What has proven to be a tough journey for her has now finally started to give her fruitful results, and she thanks her husband Fasy for being so supportive as well as her family, and Hisham – who designed her first logo, Wisham and all the people who have trusted her and bought the products.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of her grandmother and Marie Forleo, Ce’nie has a long way to go – and we at Maldeeb wish the best of success for her future endeavors.

Artisan Natural Luxuries Body Care Range Includes:

  • Body Butters
  • Body Butter bars
  • Lotion bars
  • Lip Balms
  • Soaps
  • Hair Oils

More Products To Come Soon



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