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Masa for Maldeeb / Photo: Silver Gold Studios

As children we are often told our grades are what define us; we are taught that our qualifications are what makes us. But little is thought about experience and talent. And only a few acknowledge that talent and experience are two things that go hand in hand, in defining who a person is. Such is the case of Aminath Masa Hassan – a rising entrepreneur and marketing executive, with dreams and ideas the Maldives is yet to witness.

As a young woman who constantly works to bring out the best in everyone, Masa continually faces various hurdles. From her gender to her age and her field of work, Masa gracefully faces these challenges head on.

“It’s really hard as a female to thrive in this industry. Especially as a teenager, people have the wrong perception of me – sometimes they fail to take me seriously, and sometimes my age and gender limits a lot of opportunities. But I always show them results, and I work towards my ultimate goal, and at the end of the day everybody appreciates and acknowledges that I can produce the results that they want” – Aiminath Masa

In the world of marketing, where everything changes in a split second, it is essential to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and to shape your work around them to bring out the best results. And in her words, a young person could bring out more creativity and interactive strategies than someone who has years and years of experience doing the same thing, every day. Because, “what really matters in building a business is raising the customer satisfaction rather than to just make profit”.

While working as a marketing executive Masa has garnered unique experiences, which proved as an upper hand to her entrepreneur aspirations, as she was able to apply what she has learnt in her new endeavors as a young entrepreneur. Being one of the shareholders of Misfau Pvt Ltd, Masa is truly among the youngest entrepreneurs that the Maldives has seen to date.

“Being a marketing executive is really different from being an entrepreneur. But I always knew I wanted something more than just that, and it has always been this. Because as an entrepreneur I have got the whole company’s responsibilities on my shoulders – but as a marketing executive I work for someone else. I wanted the thrill and excitement of doing things on my own – and now I get to be my own boss. And the best part is that I am the youngest and the only female among all the shareholders who are really experienced as well, and it’s an amazing feeling itself” – Aminath Masa

Masa’s career in marketing as well as entrepreneurship has been full of excitement, and graced by several achievements. Taking a leap from a marketing executive to a shareholder of another company was a huge accomplishment itself, and establishing her name as a reputable and respected one among experienced people was definitely among the toughest but the sweetest of achievements.

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Masa for Maldeeb – Photo/Silver Gold Studios

Having put a lot of effort and innovative ideas into her work to establish Maakunbe – a one of a kind food ordering app, Masa can proudly add the company to her list of achievements. From the startup to date, she has effortlessly marketed the brand, making it the top rated food ordering app and the most interactive and on-demand app as well. Her work with Maakunbe has truly established the brand of the company, while her strenuous efforts has also stabilized Silver Gold Studios as one of the premium total multimedia solutions, ready to cater to all of the needs of their clients.

Even after having so many achievements to her name at such a young age, Masa is yet to show signs of slowing down. With her dreams of launching Maldives’ first dedicated marketing firm, Masa aims to change the way that marketing is carried out in the Maldives with her trendy ideas and innovative strategies. Even though it’s not in her books for now, it is among the things that she will definitely prove on to succeed in during her long career ahead.

“I think that younger people should be given more opportunities in companies – whether they are new or established. Because what a company needs is not years of experience, but creativity and a new way of learning and doing things” – Aminath Masa

Taking inspiration from David Mackenzie Ogilvy – “The Father of Advertising” as well as Oprah Winfrey, Masa today aims to be an inspiration to the younger generation herself. In her words, “it’s not about learning by the book. When you want to do the greater, you do not focus on what’s already there. Because all the wonderful things in life comes from experiencing them, and being in the situation, seeing things differently”.

She takes the opportunity to thank Mohamed Amaan for the constant support and opportunity to excel as a young marketing executive. In addition to that, she thanks the rest of the shareholders at Misfau Pvt Ltd for giving her the chance to prove herself as well as her family for being understanding and for constantly being there for her every step of the way. We at Maldeeb wish for the best of success in all of her future endeavors as well.


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