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The human mind is designed in such a way that every one of us develop our own passions. We find ecstasy in different things. While some of us seek pleasure in the culinary arts, some indulge themselves in music while others find adventure in photography; every single one of these somehow related to art. The rise of smartphones have only added fuel to fire, guiding people in their love for photography. Add drones to the picture and the sky has literally become the limit when it comes to photography. But in this vast crowd of self-made photographers, there are a few that stand out for the sheer talent they display in their photography. Hassan Ishan is one of those photographers who has found fame with his breathtaking drone photography.

What started out as just a leisure time activity for Ishan, has now become a key part of his life. With an Instagram follower base of over 38,000 people from all corners of the globe, Ishan has already been featured on various accounts globally. Though he first showcased his photography skills through Instagram, he has now launched his very own Facebook page. “I don’t want to make money. I am just trying to pursue my passion. I started with just an album on my Facebook profile, but after a lot of suggestions from people I finally decided to create a page to showcase my work.”

Unlike typical drone photographers based in the capital region, Ishan’s photos feature the different tones of blue that surrounds the capital city and the neighboring islands. While most of the aerial shots of the region almost always consist the “concrete jungle”, Ishan aims to make a difference by capturing the natural beauty of the city. He believes that his work is beneficial to the country as well, since it plays a major role in promoting the holiday destination among many.

“It’s actually a pride to be living in such a beautiful place. Most of the people just put up photos of the buildings, people would just think that it’s yet another concrete city. But when everyone sees the beautiful waters of the country, everyone would want to visit the Maldives”

Ishan’s efforts to capture the diverse beauty of Maldives has, several times, brought strangers to his inbox asking him what the location in his pictures was. His answer has always remained the same; the Maldives, a destination full of beauty and elegance.

Like any other person, Ishan also faces a great deal of challenges in drone photography. The closed space of Male’ city often becomes a hurdle in shooting footages of the city. Stressing on how close the city is to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, Ishan said that it’s rather risky to fly in the city due to aviation restrictions. As he says, it’s the flyers responsibility to check for nearby flights and for safety before flying in the region.

For those interested in drone photography, Ishan advices all to check their device for faults prior to flying. He adds, “Also do check for the weather conditions before you fly. If you are careful, it is highly unlikely that the drone would crash. In addition to that, always check your battery and bring it back home before it runs out of battery completely. Try to get an idea of the whole thing by reading the guideline and finding an experienced flyer to show you around.”

With the aim of “changing the perspective”, Ishan has had quite a journey so far. Several photos, features and three drones later – today, he is taking up side deals to provide drone footage for corporate and personal purposes. Though he does not intend to leave his current job, he says he would continue blessing our Instagram feeds with his beautiful photography as well as accepting side deals.

“Some Maldivians mock Maldives when pages like “Beautiful Destinations” share pictures of Maldives. They share photos of resorts, and Maldivians keep commenting negative things such as ‘we live in concrete hell, Maldives is not that beautiful’ and so on. For them I want to say, see the world. In each and every country there is an ugly side. Ruins. At least learn to appreciate the beauty of our country and try to promote it so that our tourism will in turn be boosted.


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