The Art of Duet Presenting

Hosts Maureen and Waseem poses for a picture during the episode -- Photo/Hussain Saeed
Hosts Maureen and Waseem poses for a picture during the episode -- Photo/Hussain Saeed

When it comes to television personalities, we always see what happens in front of the camera. The calculated words and the reserved movements; but in truth, there is much more happening in every scene than what meets the eye. And when it comes to reality TV, the pressure is even higher – but the presenters of the first ever Maldivian Idol, Moosa Waseem and Aminath Maureena has done such a fantastic job, we barely noticed what was happening when the camera was not recording.

For Waseem, the journey of Idol was a very exciting and extremely ecstatic experience. His drastic transition into the world of “entertainment” was a challenge, due to which he had to learn a lot of different techniques to deliver the best of his abilities. Describing the moment of every elimination announcement, Waseem said that he had a lot of pressure to carry out the sequence smoothly. When asked about how he kept a straight face during the eliminations throughout the season, he reflected back by saying that he had no favorites and that he kept an equal distance with all the participants – which eventually helped him in doing his job the way it should be done.

Talking about duet presenting, Waseem noted that it’s one of the toughest things he had ever done. As such, he noted that he had some difficulties with finding that “sync” with Maureena at the beginning of the show, which was overcome shortly as the show progressed.

While Waseem had a really unique experience, Maureena on the other hand had an entirely new experience. For her, Idol was an amazing platform that brought a new capability for her whole presenting profession. As she said, she couldn’t have done it if Waseem wasn’t there. She described working with him as “so much easy and fun”.

The greatest challenge Maureena faced throughout the show was criticism from the viewers. “From the very beginning of the show I used to get lots of negative reviews from the audience. But I tried my best and gave a good effort with the whole team. I learnt new things. And today I could say those negative critics motivated me and helped me to take each and everything positively, which totally changed my life”, she said.

Indeed Idol has played a pivotal role in the presenting careers of both Waseem and Maureena, and to which they are very thankful for. As such, Waseem and Maureena thanked PSM, MD Kahleel and DMD Shaayan for giving them the opportunity and trusting them with it. Waseem also thanked the whole team for trusting him with something completely different, while Maureena thanked her family and friends for the endless love and support.


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