The Dream of Flying; From Illusion to Reality


As a child, Hussain Ibrahim (Ibbadey) always dreamt of flying. Being able to zip through air and dash through the clouds would have been the perfect way for him to spend his time – but an aging boy, he soon realized that his dreams were too far-fetched and that they might never come true. Then one day, he stumbled upon videos of fly-boarders on social media giant, YouTube.

With his hopes of making his childhood dreams a reality sky high, Ibbadey thought of how he could acquire a fly-board. After failed attempts of contacting the creators, he was able to buy a fly-board from a friend – who was selling a used one which was brought for personal use. A month later Ibbadey was finally able to fly high with the use of the fly-board – but only because he never gave up on his dreams no matter how implausible it seemed.

During his interview with Maldeeb, Ibbadey stressed multiple times that the sport is not among “Water Sports”, but amid “Hydro Sports”. With Hydro Sports being a relatively new sport in the country, Ibbadey has contributed immensely for the development of this community with the formation of the Maldivian Fly-boarding Association. The association is also gearing up to provide special courses for 10-15 year olds in an attempt to introduce the sport among the younger generation of the country. All official activities of the Fly-boarding Association are expected to being within three months.

Without a doubt, every sport has its challenges and obstacles; and much like any other sport, fly-boarding requires great physical strength. As Ibbadey puts it, “just fly-boarding for the sake of it without being fit would not result in the best results”. He also pointed out that fly-boarders as young as 16 would be competing at championships – but they are not your average teenager, but ones who are fit enough for such a tough challenge.

The Fly-board is manufactured by Zapata Racing – formed by world renowned fly-boarder Franky Zapata. According to Ibbadey, Maldivian Fly-boarding Association works very closely with Zapata Racing, hinting a possible visit by Franky Zapata himself. Long story short, Ibbadey is now working not only to make his dreams a reality – but the dreams of hundreds. The association is also currently working hard to introduce various other hydro-propelled machines such as the hover-board to satisfy athletes looking for new sensations. Ibbadey envisions of “introducing the Hydro Sports in the Maldives in its entire glory” which will include sports such as the Jet Avatar, Jet Pack, Hover-board and last but not the least, the Fly-board.

Being among the very first fly-boarders in the country, Ibbadey has also taken part in the North American Fly-boarding Championship this year, held last June. Among several athletes who took part in the championship, Ibbadey was ranked 32nd – a very proud achievement for someone from the Indian Ocean archipelago. Ibbadey has recently also participated in a fly-boarding event held in Malaysia – where the standards of fly-boarding currently stands lower than the Maldives. With that being said, Ibbadey proudly emphasized that the Maldives is among the leaders in the fly-boarding industry in the region. He also aspires to compete at the upcoming Fly-boarding World Championship.

Within just three years, Ibbadey believes that he has achieved great success in the field. He also formed “Liquid Water Sports” which gives public services such as water sports and hydro sports. He also aims to provide special courses regarding sports such as sailing, wakeboarding, wind surfing and much more.

Ibbadey also thanks his family and staff, and all the friends who had stood beside him during his long journey – for if it were not for them, he would not have been where he is today. He noted the various contributions and work of President Abdulla Yameen and Vice President Ahmed Adeeb, in making hydro sports a well-known subject in the country and thanked them for all they have done, and will do in the future.

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