Utkarsh & The Development Of HIH

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It’s never easy for anyone to leave behind their homeland and to settle down in a totally alien country – whether it’s for the sake of a business, or family. While most of them do their jobs on a mediocre level, some make the most of their time and go on to create wonders. Stepping out of their comfort zones were things that led them to break barriers and perform outstandingly at their jobs. Utkarsh Faujdar, General Manager of Hulhule’ Island Hotel, has definitely proven this time and again.

With prior experience in the hospitality field, Utkarsh has been one of the driving forces of Hulhule’ Island Hotel (HIH) – making it among the most celebrated hotels in the Indian Ocean archipelago. As he described it, his greatest challenge during his tenure as the General Manager of HIH has been breaking the stereotype surrounding the hotel, labeling it as “just a transit hotel”. “We provide all the services a resort does. We are more than just a transit hotel” Utkarsh said during his interview with Maldeeb.

While enjoying the hospitality that the Maldives has to offer, Utkarsh has been busy developing the beautiful hotel located at the heart of Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Its smooth running and effective staff are all just a small part of his success story. The hotel had also received numerous international awards for the outstanding services provided by it, under the watchful eyes of Utkarsh. In fact, the hotel has been named the Best Culinary Establishment six times. His time in Oberoi Hotels in India had proven to be rather handy while working in HIH.

Utkarsh is not only responsible for the growth and development of the hotel – but of its staff as well. The hotel is home to several recreational activities for its staff, including four houses and a recreation room under the name “Kafumini” – well equipped with pool tables and other leisure time activities. The staff dining room is called “Black Galaxy” and when asked why, Utkarsh said that “the four houses, blue, green, yellow and red add color to the place.” Every day, the management meets to discuss the services they provide and how to better them; after which the managers meet their respective department staff to further ensure operations go smoothly.

Yes, indeed it’s never easy for anyone to settle down in a foreign country, but when you finally do, you go on to achieve things you never expected. It’s always about the place where we end up that matters, not where we begin. Even though he is a foreigner, Utkarsh has proven himself to be one of the most valuable assets of HIH, and his success story continues improve day by day – and is expected to take a leap with the initiation of the projects in store for HIH for the future. In fact, it is praiseworthy that HIH, which started as a transit hotel, has now acquired an island for it to develop a resort and accommodate more tourists.

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