04 dishes to enjoy during your stay in the Maldives

Disc Rihaakuru being eaten with Maldivian Spices
Disc Rihaakuru being eaten with Maldivian Spices

Though the Maldives is known for its pristine beaches and the treasures that lie underneath the beautiful shades of blue, there is way more to the island nation than that. From the local cuisine to the lifestyle, you can find a distinct feature in everything that you may encounter. And I can definitely say that, if you haven’t enjoyed one of the local dishes listed in this article, you haven’t seen true Maldives yet!

1. Rihaakuru Dhiya

Talking about Maldivian dishes, Rihaakuru Dhiya is among the first dish that comes to my mind. A curry like dish, usually prepared by mixing Rihaakuru with Coconut Milk topped with various Maldivian spices, Rihaakuru Dhiya is among one of the most common lunch time dishes in the country. You can have it with Roshi or Baiy, but the taste still remains as great as it is.

2. Disc Rihaakuru or Mas Huni

Disc Mashuni served with a lemon on top
Disc Mashuni served with a lemon on top

Disc Rihaakuru or Mas Huni is the most common breakfast dish served at Maldivian restaurants as well as households. The disc is a slightly altered version of Roshi and includes coconut in it. The disc can be eaten with Mas Huni or Rihaakuru, and the addition of a hot tea makes an almost perfect Maldivian breakfast!

3. Masfen and Baiy

Moving on from breakfast dishes, let’s look at Masfen and Baiy. Prepared with the mixture of fish and water along with several herbs and spices, the Masfen is one of the better dishes to try out while in Maldives. Usually eaten with Baiy (Dhivehi for White Rice), the combination might not be easily available. But if you do manage to find a place or two (One being Delizioso, Izzuddin Magu) it would definitely be worth your time and money.

4. Theluli Rihaakuru and Baiy

And here comes one of the childhood favorites. Theluli Rihaakuru and Baiy is, without a doubt the most common combinations of Maldivian dishes. And add a bit of Theluli Faiy, and it becomes the perfect dish! It could be enjoyed with Roshi as well as Baiy, though many prefer the latter.

While these are among one of the most common Maldivian dishes, any dish which consists “Valhoamas” is also a must try. And if you seem to be lost about it, don’t worry. Valhomas Cafe’ in the capital city specializes in such dishes!

Disc Mashuni being eaten
Disc Mashuni being eaten

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