05 Reasons Why We Need a Starbucks in Maldives!


01. It gave us coffee language, and we need to learn it

Before the Starbucks reign began, there were mostly two words used to order a coffee; light and sweet. Asking for a “latte” would have probably given you a lot of wild stares, and a “macchiato” might have you being sent away for good. But thanks to Starbucks, the coffee vocabulary only expands further, and it’s something that every caffeine lover just needs to learn!

02. It’s the perfect accessory

Rain, sun, sea, sand. It doesn’t really matter where you are or what the weather is because Starbucks literally looks good with everything. It’s definitely going to get those Instagram followers you have been waiting for so long!

03. Being a gold member comes with free refills!

Nope, that was not a writing mistake! Being a Starbucks gold member is pretty cool and it comes with free refills – but only for the same visit. What’s better is that it makes you part of the elite team and shows everyone that you know what you are doing!

04. Over 87,000 drink combinations

That’s probably way more than I could even try, but who doesn’t love having options? Starbucks add many new flavors every month and there are plenty of combinations to try ranging from just a simple pump of vanilla, raspberry, and sugar to ordering straight off the menu.

05. They are already everywhere


Starbucks currently has around over 22,000 stores worldwide! They are without a doubt the largest Coffee House franchise in the world and continues to expand their reach every year. So why not the Maldives? It’s high time caffeine lovers are treated to the real deal in the Maldives!


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