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Growing up as a kid in a country surrounded by the ocean, we are taught of how global warming may one day wipe our nation off the face of planet Earth. The harmful effects of human activities on the Earth – and the devastating catastrophes are ones we all have heard of, but seldom given thought to. Many take climate change as a hoax, and continue on their daily lives, without a care in the world; but for those living in a country like Maldives, we take it ever so seriously, because for us it’s our fight for survival.

As such, Vaavu Atoll Keyodhoo has taken a colossal step to ensure that their voices in the global fight against climate change and global warming would be heard on a national and international level. As such, they aim towards being a carbon neutral island, by banning the use of plastic bags and working to construct the countries’ first underwater museum.

The island’s decision to ban the use of plastic bags comes into effect coming January – a step taken towards reducing the damage on the surrounding environment and underwater life as plastics take hundreds of years to deteriorate completely since they are non-biodegradable. To help things go smoothly, the Island Council has decided to provide residents of the island with environmentally friendly bags for their everyday use. A decision which is expected further encourage the ban on plastic bags.

While the country faces the challenges of global warming as a whole, it has also been trying to establish itself as a carbon neutral country – and Keyodhoo’s efforts would truly serve to become the stepping stones of reaching the ultimate goal.

The Island Council in association with Maldives Getaways is also going to develop the country’s first underwater museum in a bid to promote environmental issues and catch international attention to the rising concerns of climate change.

The museum will be a symbol to the various environmental challenges faced by the island – as well as the underwater life of the nation due to the harmful actions of various people. It aims to promote awareness about the dangers that sea creature’s face and the damages that the environment below the surface face due to various challenges. As a tourist-friendly island, the island aims to cater to a mass audience and in turn make their efforts global.

For a country like Maldives, it is rather important to raise awareness on such sensitive subjects – that are linked to the sustainability of the country. Keyodhoo’s efforts, set to begin starting 2017 will be taken as an example by several other islands – and hopefully would be followed behind in a joint effort to improve the situation for better or for worse.

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