The Evolving Food Scene


If you jog your memory a little over a few years, the best you could do for a night out would be a dinner at an overly fancy restaurant or a fried rice at a cheap café. Don’t get me wrong, there are good places too – and not so good ones as well. But for a foodie, the true satisfaction was never really achieved; the atmosphere was never right or the taste was never quite there – until the rise of a new food scene in the Maldives. In the blink of an eye, we saw the openings of bistros and delis, coffee bars and atlas foodies found a place to call home.

The newly opened restaurants spread like wildfire, becoming an instant trend among the youth; from their interactive Twitter handles to incredible service, these new openings could be described as the perfect blend of taste, service and atmosphere!

With each of these restaurants serving euphoric signature dishes, those bleak nights have now turned into something spicier. If I were to mention a few, I’d talk about Thoum and its Arabic flavors or Meraki and their Red Velvet Latte. And if I really crave something which would excite my taste buds – something that would get them dancing – I would talk about Zeeba’s Deli & Café and their cinnamon rolls or Thyme and their juicy beef burgers, not to mention that the coffee from The Civil Coffee Society and The Goatfish Bistro’s meatloaf are equally appealing.

Their fascinating atmospheres would have you staring inside if you were passing by – but that’s not even the best part. Behind these start-ups are young people who have the love of what they do – for them, it’s not just about business and that’s why you would be able to catch them cooking in their kitchens and serving the dishes themselves to their customers; adding up to the exceptional services of these start-ups.

While the taste of their food are beyond imagination, their prices are reasonably great as well. It certainly won’t cost your wallet a huge chunk of money to have a lovely time with your friends or some quality memories with family – and that’s the beauty of such restaurants. Memories that last forever – and a taste that lingers for days; a recipe tailored to stick!

Raising the bar of the food and beverages industry, these few restaurants today dominate our days and nights – from the perfect breakfast to the perfect dinner, they have created a healthy competition amongst rivals, making everyone thrive to bring out the best in their services. And we could only hope that such restaurants would continue to bring a change to the food scene here in the Maldives, giving us what we have longed for years.

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