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Abdulla Hameed: A loyal, Patient and Faithful Man

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Our personalities are what separate us from others. We all are different in our own way; and we would all be remembered for the different deeds we did during our lifetime. Most of us spend our lives making a living, while a few live to leave behind a legacy for the future generations. Late Honorable Uz. Abdulla Hameed was one of the few. He has left a legacy which would in dubiously be remembered for ages to come. The death of Hameed, usually known for his boldness and courage and his loyalty to the state, triggered the whole nation to mourn as it lost one of its most valuable national treasures.

Late Uz. Abdullah Hameed was a statesman, who served the Government of Maldives for over 52 years throughout his lifetime. Disciplined to the very core, Hameed was an extraordinary man with a vision like no other. His values and principles – to which he held on to – led him to be one of the most celebrated and respected men in the country.

As his close friends described him, he was a man with true leadership qualities. Hameed never hesitated to hand over works to the promising, all the while monitoring the task closely. He never let others underperform, which got him involved in almost all of the development projects that took place in the country back then.

Late Uz. Abdullah Hameed spent 43 years of his state service in the parliament; three terms as the Speaker, two terms as the Deputy Speaker and several terms representing various constituencies of the country. His time in the parliament was smooth, according to those who had worked with him. He always maintained close ties with other parliamentarians, while being patient and letting them voice out their opinions in the parliament as well. His work, always designed to benefit the citizens of the country.

He filled in as the Speaker of the Parliament and several ministerial posts simultaneously, though he never let that affect his work. Casting away all sorts of bad habits, Hameed worked towards women empowerment in the country – he made women more active in the society, all the while assigning women to higher positions in the capital and across the nation.

Today, Abdulla Hameed is remembered as a man who had served the nation in various fields, and as someone the whole country is proud of. His sons and daughters continue to serve the nation in various fields of expertise, imprinting his family name in the history books of the country.

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