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Abdulla Hameed’s Death & Social Media

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Death, as we all know, is inevitable. We never know when our time will come, when we will have to leave behind our worldly pleasures and move onto something more meaningful. However, we could always make sure that we leave behind something useful, something informative, and something that the future generations would be proud of. That is what Late Honorable Uz. Abdullah Hameed has done during his lifetime.

Being a prominent statesman, a humanitarian, a literary enthusiast, he never failed to serve the nation and its citizens. Perhaps, that was the reason why social media was abuzz with words of tribute and memories, in the wake of the death of late Uz. Abdullah Hameed.

Friends, family and countless citizens flocked to social media, to pay their last respects to the late statesman. Some grieved on Twitter while others shared beautiful memories on Facebook; much like an ode from the loved ones. He garnered more than 1,500 tweets on Twitter when the news broke out – with the top tweet having over 350 re-tweets.

His family had also been vocal on social media networks, speaking of the highlights of Hameed’s career and his services to the nation. They also took the opportunity to pay their respects to the late wife and daughter of Hameed.

Hameed’s funeral procession was also covered live on social media, with photos and videos from the scene being uploaded in real time. Those who were not able to attend the funeral were able to watch it and pay respect in their homes. It might have been a single death, but the nation mourned a million losses as it bade Uz. Abdullah Hameed a final farewell.

Until today, Uz. Abdullah Hameed’s services and his life remained well hidden in books. But today, social media is playing an important role in bringing those cherished memories to the light of day. It is doing a tremendous job, in keeping those materials readily available for the future generations – because what is picked up by the social media never dies. It stays with us, through time and tide.

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