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Life as a Father


“He braved the rough seas for his children; seeing them off at the airport or receiving them when they were abroad for higher studies. Whatever the time of the day, however busy he was, he always found time to be there for his children. That, shows his affection for them as a father.” – Saleem

The world as we know it has countless definitions as to what a father should be. But with all the humane differences so obviously present in every single person, the best a father can do is be true to himself and his children. As the Maldives mourns the loss of Late Honorable Uz. Abdullah Hameed’s death, there are numerous things he will be remembered for; an amazing father being one of them.

Despite his busy schedules and government duties, late Uz. Abdullah Hameed never failed at performing his duties as a father. Dr. Zakariyya describes him as “a great example of love and devotion towards family, his children are knowledgeable and beloved. He treated his wife with love and reverence till her dying day. A quality like that is rare and admirable.”

“My father’s fifty years of government service saw two Sultans, two Prime Ministers and three Presidents rule the nation. But whoever the leader, what was most important to my father was serving the nation and its citizens. He fulfilled his duties to the best of his abilities. What I learnt from my father is to put my religion, my nation and its constitution before my personal interest when it comes to serving the nation.” – Maumoon Hameed, son. (Put it in a box as a separate quote)

A father of twelve, late Uz. Abdullah Hameed has left eleven exceptionally educated, talented and well-mannered children in his wake. “I met and taught some of his children back in their school days. Hameed as a father and Aisha as a mother have built an exemplary family. All their children are well-versed, disciplined children” Dr. Aamaal described while speaking of late Uz. Abdullah Hameed.

To have a father a child can look up to is great. But to have a father who dotes on his child is better. To know that come what may, your father will always be there to guide and support you in life is surely the biggest blessing a child could know. Late Uz. Abdullah Hameed will forever be celebrated as a loving father who taught his children invaluable life lessons. May Allah grant him Jannah. Amen.

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