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Loss of a literary-enthusiast

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Where there is no education, there would be no development. Education is one of the most essential needs of a society; it is the very base on which a society prospers. Education not only helps a society to develop and be civilized, it also plays an important role in enriching the literature of that nation. Perhaps that is the reason why the loss of Late Honorable Uz. Abdulla Hameed – who contributed greatly to Maldivian literature and education sector – is believed to be a “dark” day in Maldivian history.

Being a literary-enthusiast, his contributions in the field are so great that one simply cannot put a price on his services. Hameed spent the three years of his time as the Minister of Education to build the modern educational system that we witness today, as well as giving religious studies a more importance among schools. He is known to have brought a “revolutionary change in the education sector”, according to his colleagues who worked with him on several such projects.

During his time as the Minister, Hameed personally visited the schools to find out how much students knew about religious affairs. Recitation of Quran and words of wisdom during school assemblies were also initiated during this time. Hameed personally attended some of these assemblies – just to oversee how it was going. He also initiated afternoon session Quran classes in Arabiyya School while bringing in Quran teachers from other countries, to teach in the atolls.

Establishment of ward schools took place during his time as the Minister as well. He had also developed private schools under government funds – making it a possibility for students from the atolls to study in the capital. Training programs for local teachers became common, and the development of various schools took place under his watch.

Apart from his services to the education sector, Hameed is also renowned for his contributions to Maldivian literature. Hameed is known for his gift of the gab, while his writings were among the finest the country had seen. His poems and informative pieces were celebrated for its richness and beauty.

During his time as the President of the National Center for Linguistic and Historical Research, Hameed contributed immensely to Maldivian literature. His finest pieces are still visible from books such as “Faiythoora”.

Hameed was also responsible for the development and inception of several literature competitions such as oratory competitions, writing competitions, plays and debates. Being an innovative speaker, Hameed had also excelled in the art of speaking. He is celebrated among the best speakers of the country – once again proving how much he had loved literature. His writings are also praised as much as the others. The Dhivehi Language Academy has also decided to keep his writings and works readily accessible for future generations, to honor the great work him.

It is indeed true that, upon his death Hameed had left our nation with several priceless pieces of work in the field of literature. His contributions would be preached for generations to come, making him immortal among our society.

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