Minivan 50

60 People, 14 Cameras, 01 Event!


The Military Parade and Cultural Display in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Maldivian Independence was the biggest event among the “Minivan 50” celebrations this year. It was also the most prevalent Live Coverage for PSM during the “Minivan 50” events. Broadcasted live to the entire nation, in fact the whole world in full High Definition (HD), the event took every viewers’ breath away. It took uphill struggle and commitment to produce a live show so smoothly; and behind all the stunning scenes were 60 people with 14 cameras – sweating and working round the clock so that the viewers could sit back and enjoy the show.

PSM Director of TV Programs Mohamed Niyaz (Gum) headed a team of forty members at the National Stadium during the broadcast, which ended with “tears of joy and grand celebrations” as the biggest live coverage of the year ended smoothly. Gum noted thay it was an uphill battle to proceed with the coverage. As he recalled the night, he stated that the “motivation and the team spirit showcased by the Managing Director Ibrahim Khaleel was the driving force of the entire crew”.

With rehearsals two days prior to the event, the show was broadcasted using fourteen HD cameras and a control room set up in the stadium itself. One of the biggest obstacles of the night was broadcasting the show in a way which would satisfy the viewers at home – which was overcome by the clever placement of cameramen by the producers.

Communication was also another key to the perfection of the broadcast – the PSM crew was completely in touch during the whole event via walkie-talkies. This also added to the perfect shots captured by the cameramen as they worked with excellent coordination with and communication with one another.

All in all, PSM was responsible for bringing the biggest national event of the year so far in HD to its viewers. Every media channel displayed PSM’s feed; truly a tribute to the hard work by the PSM crew. Viewers around the world live streamed the event through the web page, which was definitely a proud moment for all of us!

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