Minivan 50

Changing the Face of Male’


Known as the ‘Izzuddin Faalan’, the Presidential Jetty has become a point of attraction in the capital of Maldives. Inaugurated in celebration of the Minivan 50 events, the ‘Izzuddin Faalan’ has transformed the face of Male’, adding splendor and a touch of culture to this iconic landmark.

The official Presidential Jetty was first built in the 1990’s. However, the capital has always had a jetty to welcome foreign delegates. Over the decades, the jetty was repaired and remodeled into the former Presidential jetty as we knew it. Today, built in the same spot as the previous ones, this jetty stands as a historical symbol of our culture and sovereignty.

The Presidential Jetty has been named after Sultan Hassan Izzuddin or ‘Dhonbandaarain’ who defeated the Malabar’s and brought independence to the Maldives centuries ago. Over the years, the Maldivian governments have commemorated Sultan Hassan Izzuddin’s act of bravery in many forms; the ‘Huravee Dhuvas’ being one amongst them. Since 1980, the Maldives has celebrated ‘Huravee Dhuvas’ as the day the nation gained independence against the Malabar’s. Moreover, Masjid Al- Sultan Hassan Izzuddin, also known as ‘Thoiba Miskiy’ has been named thus to honor his valor.

Deemed by thousands as the most beautiful monument build to mark the fiftieth independence anniversary in the Maldives, the ‘Izzuddin Faalan’ stands symbolic of our past and culture. The sails on the jetty roof represents the sails on the vessels used by our forefathers to brave the seas as a means of transportation. To arrive at ‘Izzuddin Faalan’ would undoubtedly spark a sense of nostalgia and admiration.

The ‘Izzuddin Faalan’ is guaranteed to catch the eye of every man arriving in Male’, as the white sails loom in the air; brimming with grandeur. Be it by the sun or the moon, the ‘Izzuddin Faalan’ has definitely changed the face of Male’

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