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Flag. A piece of cloth that represents a whole nation. An embedment of symbols on a flag that are significant to the nation somehow bring unity to millions of people. Like every other flag, ours has a tale to tell. Revised in 1965, the Maldivian National Flag has symbolized independence and harmony in the Maldives ever since.

As the Maldives celebrates 50 years of independence, the time is right to shed some light on the flag that defines us. The same year Maldivians got independence, the Maldivian national flag was added to the United Nations on 12th October 1965. This year the flag not only celebrates its 50th year but also marks the 50th anniversary of the flag among the united nation’s countries. The national flag post as we see it today was constructed 25 years ago in celebration of 25 years of independence.

The colors in the Maldivian national flag represents tells a tale of heroism. While the Red represents the blood of the martyrs who gave their lives to defend Maldives against aggressors, the green stands for the peace and unity among the citizens and the white crescent in the center symbolizes a state of Islamic faith.

Standing in the Republic Square, fluttering against the wind, the national flag adds splendor to the face of Male’. The Republic Square, locally known as ‘Jumhooree Maidhaan’ is a protected green zone that owes its name to the republican rule in the nation. The Republic Square stands as a monument of remembrance of the coup in November 1988. Constructed two years later in 1990, in celebration of the 25th Independence anniversary in the Maldives, the square is perhaps the most significant landmark in the country, witness to many brave, daring and courageous acts of heroism in relation to independence on these very grounds.

The areas surrounding the National Flag give out a sense of security. Adjacent to the Republic Square, on one end stands the Police Head Quarters, Shaheed Hussain Adam building; named after the young martyr who died defending our nation from foreign aggressors. Opposite the Police Headquarters is the headquarters of the Maldives National Defense Force; adding to the sense of security in the setting. The biggest Islamic monument; the Islamic Centre stands beside it as a proud indication of our religion. The mosque is named after Mohamed Thakurufaanu who brought an end to the 17 year old Portugal rule in Maldives.

As another year commemorates the independence every Maldivian is proud of, our flag stands in salutation to those who fought for our independence whenever time called for it. In the heart of the Republic Square, the Maldivian National Flag stands as a symbol of patriotism our forefathers felt for their nation, a sentiment they left in our blood for our nation.

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