Minivan 50

Garden of Lights


Lit with multiple colors, the trees illuminated the ground like a million fireflies fluttering about to serenade their company. While children ran about and parents clicked pictures, girls laughed under arches and friends found themselves taking ‘selfies’ in the midst of a thousand lights radiating from the trees set up in Sultan Park. Filled with such pandemonium, the park still provided serenity and a ‘fairytale’ setting for its guests.

For generations, the Sultan Park had been a rite of passage for every Maldivian child. Every family album hosts childhood pictures taken in the park. But years of neglect eventually took away its beauty and people soon stopped regarding Sultan Park worthy of pictures. This year, however, the minivan 50 celebrations saw the park restored to its former glory, with thousands of children posing for pictures under mesmerizing decorations. Perhaps, this was why the LED Garden was named one of the best Minivan 50 decorations.

The LED garden will remain a public attraction even after the minivan 50 celebrations. With a thousand little lights floating about in the dark, the park is sure to attract visitors night after night. Once the royal palaces’ garden grounds, the park is the only living memory of the monarchy Maldives once saw. These royal grounds once again have a purpose to attract attention; it is now a garden of lights for those who wish to take a moment out of their busy schedule to unwind and relax amidst nature.


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