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Joy of the Fountain


It was just another evening and dozens of parents took their little ones out for some ritualistic fun by the fountain. While some parents looked on from the benches, others walked their children around the fountain that remained dormant in the face of eventful gatherings. Then, something changed. It happened in the blink of an eye and no one anticipated what came their way. But there it was. Music, loud and blaring with zest; and with it rose water from the fountain, changing colors and falling in unison with the notes. Like a barren desert that brims with life after seasonal rain, the fountain suddenly came to life with ecstatic children who laughed and ran about in delight.

The completion of the Musical Fountain at the Republic Square has brought a great deal of joy to the public, mainly because it has created a recreational space for little children to play around in the rather crowded city of Male’. Since its inauguration, every day has seen hundreds of children visit the fountain simply to splash around and have a good time.

Constructed in the face of Male’, the previous fountain stood its ground for a quarter of a century before neglect had its way with the monument. The current fountain, constructed by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), represents the unity of Maldivians through 10 half crescents in the center of the fountain. Designed by two female architects from MTCC, the fountain has an in-built water filtration and recycling system – providing clean and safe water for the children who visit the monument time and again.

The first of its kind in the Maldives, this musical fountain has given the citizens of a congested city a new reason to celebrate. For the first time in Male’, parents have a safe place their children can enjoy themselves in. Families have a nice place to sit and spend quality time in. To say that the fountain has answered a thousand unsaid prayers would not be entirely wrong.

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