Development through Time

A PSM cameraman during the Visit Maldives Year Music Show 2016 -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed
A PSM cameraman during the Visit Maldives Year Music Show 2016 -- Maldeeb Photo/Hussain Saeed

For a long time Maldives has been marked as a rapidly developing nation. Tackling the obstacles put forward by its geography, the country has come a long way today. From the development of its economy to civil development, we have witnessed it all. While the Maldivian community has been thriving in the face of modern development, the Maldivian media industry has also been subject to modernization and various development. With that development, there has been a growing need to develop the media personnel as well – and under that spirit Public Service Media (PSM) has taken the initiative to award five fully funded scholarships to their employees annually.

While PSM’s current aim is towards  developing media in the Maldives – the launching of weekly magazine Maldeeb’s website in addition to the upcoming launch of YES TV, Maldives TV and a round the clock news and current affairs channel being among some of these – the company also focuses on the training and development of its staff. As such, workshops and professional training opportunities are frequently given by the company.

In addition to the training of its employees, PSM is currently working towards providing higher education opportunities in the field of journalism. The Maldives Media Institution (MMI) run under PSM currently provides courses in the media sector, and in the future are slated to introduce more courses on varying levels of study.

Either way, PSM’s works to bring about a revolutionary and sustainable change to the face of Maldivian media is paying off. Within almost a year, the company has launched one new radio channel, introduced a weekly magazine along with a new TV channel. With more scheduled to be launched in due time, the future of Maldivian media has never been brighter than today.

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