Political Rivalries Forgotten over Maldivian Idol

Maldivian Idol grand finale
Maldivian Idol grand finale

The first season of the Maldivian Idol ended shedding light on a lot of different aspects of the society; the love for music being one. Incredulously passionate about everything they do, for the Maldivians, the first ever international franchise show in the Maldives became something everyone followed religiously; citizens and politicians alike. Maldivian Idol has perhaps broken the long standing stigma of football being the only thing that unites Maldivians under a unanimous passion. The season finale ended bringing all the politicians to the same table in their love for music and appreciation of young talent; political rivalries forgotten.

Congratulation messages soon flooded twitter as everyone hastened to congratulate Laisha Junaid on winning the title. While twitter users made a display of cheers and disbelief alike, it was President Yameen’s felicitations to Laisha in his speech that made headlines first. President Yameen extended his heartfelt congratulations to Laisha on going down in history as the first Maldivian Idol. But the list of congratulations by leaders didn’t quite end there for the idol winner.

Former Presidents Mohamed Nasheed, Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik and Uz. Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom also congratulated the young winner on her achievement. Former President Nasheed also thanked the PSM team for the entertaining TV show they produced and broadcasted. While the former Presidents went on to express how proud they were of Laisha, the political leaders of the ruling party PPM and main opposition MDP were seen to put aside their political rivalries in the wake of Madivian Idol season finale.

Former chairperson of MDP and MP of Machchangoalhi Uthuru Constituency, Uza. Mariya Didi thanked Maldivian Idol for “bringing music and song back to our lives” and tweeted that she looked forward to more talent shows. Likewise, ruling party PPM MP Ahmed Rifau also tweeted congratulating Laisha on winning Idol. MPs of both parties and cabinet ministers were seen tweeting about idol not only during the season finale, but for a greater part of the season; showing us that Maldivian Idol was worth putting aside political bias for.

As hype for a new season of Maldivian Idol sets in, there is greater hope that the new season will once more bring together all the politicians under a common like. For, the love of music and appreciation of talent and entertainment shows seem to weigh more on the scale in comparison to political rivalries; the Maldivian Idol remains proof of it.


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