It’s a World of Double Standards


The innocent six year old lay amidst the ruins of his own house. Severely injured, holding onto a fragile line for dear life. A part of the concrete wall had fallen on his legs, restricting him any escape from imminent doom. His parents were killed in a missile attack the previous week. His friends lay lifeless next to him; they had been playing by the house when the bomb had exploded. The short life of the boy had always been a dire calamity, living in fear of the forces that had been fighting over his homeland, what was rightfully his. The worst of it all was that, they had no one to help them, they were without any escape routes.


Her parents had conducted extensive research into the European countries and had decided the best place for their daughter. They were ready to set off on their journey coming dawn. Eyes dreaming of the new life that lay ahead of them, they were ready to leave their war-torn country and the horrific leader. But fate did not agree with them, for they did not make it through the drone strikes during the night – which wiped out the entire town.


Life in the Middle East is tough. Every dawn brings about a new missile attack and every dusk ends with another funeral of an innocent Muslim; if the town was lucky. While our brothers and sisters suffer the unimaginable, we spend our days taking what we have for granted. Some offer a helping hand but the majority of us sit back and enjoy as the world tries to place blame on someone for all that is happening – and the saddest of all is that even the so-called peacekeeping bodies of the world, such as the United Nations are among them.

The four years of the Syrian Civil War, has seen 11,964 children and 7,719 women dead in the wake of a sympathizing world. Overall deaths of the war by August 2015 stand between 240,000 to 330,000 – a figure that “should” gob smack these peacekeeping bodies. While the Syrian death tolls stand at this rate, the number of lives lost during genocide in Gaza, Palestine, alone stands at just 7,978. That’s over 337,000 innocent Muslim lives, which could have been saved if the peace keeping bodies had stepped up and saved the day.

What’s more ludicrous is that the UN is “all about staying away from the civic matters of other nations” and working towards international cooperation; yet they idly stood by when the United States invaded Iraq and killed over 600,000 Iraqis, toppling the then government of the Iraq based on allegations that they “were armed with weapons of mass destruction”. Even if one was to believe that it was part of the “global war on terrorism”, how does one explain the UN’s silence over the genocide in Gaza? Is the death of thousands of innocent women and children not death enough, or is their fault following a religion a certain party does not agree to? Are the brutal murders of innocent children by Israel being overlooked due to a hidden personal agenda? Well, one would never know the exact answers to these burning questions – but one can definitely think about it.

Above all, let’s not forget that the UN is accountable for each and every innocent Muslim death in Palestine. In 1947, the United Nations came up with Resolution 181(II) – which eventually gave away 56% of Mandate Palestine to the Jews, and thus Israel was formed. 67 years later, today Israel owns 76% of the land, which was initially Palestinian. By 2012, over 4.7 million Palestinians were classified as refugees – Muslims who had been driven out of their homes by the United Nations in their attempt to put a roof on Jewish heads.

Then, there is the destruction in Yemen, another Middle Eastern country torn by war in the wake of the UN. Perhaps Yemen suffered such an ill fate because of their abstentions on a number of UNSC resolutions concerning Iraq and Kuwait and their vote against the “use of force resolution” – which in the end angered the world “superpower”, the United States. With the current situation as it is, it might be safe to state that the world’s peacekeeping bodies have failed miserably; turning a blind eye to the violence in the world and doing anything but working towards “real” international cooperation are just some of the major indications of this.

The recent death of Aylan Kurdi – a three year old Syrian refugee – punched through the hearts of all, but what of the millions who were killed by foreign forces in the wake of the UN? And perhaps the bigger question is, how many more thousands of Muslim deaths would it take for the UN to realize the greater picture and actually do something about it instead of sprinting to the defense of other nations? How long will the world sit upon its double standards and ‘like’ pictures on social media in an act of empathy for those dying every day?

To talk about the migrant crisis today is to open a can of worms; and nobody prefers to dig their own graves. But let us put down our coffee cups for a minute, sign out of our social networks and think for a minute; what is the world doing to itself? The migrants trying to flee into Europe today outnumbers the migrants in the Second World War; and that’s saying something given the fact that the Second World War ended 70 years ago in 1945. Why must so many millions of people seek deadly routes in attempts to escape their own lands? Why must millions of people seek refuge and beg for acceptance from other lands? Where are the peace keeping bodies, as the world watches in sad silence while hundreds die trying to escape to a better future?

At the risk of being called biased and an extremist, it’s high time these issues were addressed by the United Nations. Are the rights of the west more rightful than those in the Middle East? Is one religion so holy that it makes another a complete threat to the world and must be wiped out? Whatever happened to equal rights and recognitions? United Nations, it is time you step up and take accountability for this dire crisis; or the world might never know peace again.



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